Why Amazon Dominates Google in product search?

Why Amazon Dominates Google in product search?

November 14, 2019 Manish

Being the most used online marketplace globally, and having the tag of preferred choice for customers for online purchasing, Amazon requires no introduction. What’s unique and astonishing about amazon is that it is not just used for shopping, but also used for product searches and checking out the competitive prices by retailers worldwide. Amazon Product upload specialists realize the importance of amazon as a product search engine as well. Therefore, unique content has become important in amazon product listings. You read it right! About 55% of total product searches take place on Amazon alone which bears testimony to this fact! Amazon may have started as a bookstore but it has seen giant leap since then. Today, You can find potentially all sorts of products listed on amazon.

For many online buyers amazon has become synonyms to e-commerce. Amazon is also an eCommerce search engine and a very famous one in fact. After Google and YouTube, Amazon is the most powerful and most used marketplace and search engine as well. Amazon boasts of 47 % of total online sales which is a feat in itself and is enough to tell about amazon as a search engine rather than a marketplace. That’s where amazon differs from other marketplaces? While other marketplaces are simply selling products through their platforms but amazon is working as a parallel search engine along with Google, Bing etc for product searches. With ever increasing retailers and listed products, Amazon has started to threat Google in case of product searches, Right now, Amazon is way ahead of Google in product search! That’s correct.

The question to consider is which algorithms do these search engines follow? These search engines have been developed through the use of advanced machine learning techniques. They identify the pattern of searches of all sort of search by the users. They then predict search intent based on these identified patterns. Every search engine follows this, but when it comes to Google and Amazon, the two largest search engines of the day, it’s a different story.

Let’s talk about the constant algorithm updates. Do you know why a number of updates are rolled out every year by Google? Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the user’s search intent. As a result, Google works hard to constantly upgrade its search engine by introducing by regular updates.

Why Amazon got the better off Google in product search ?

Amazon is all about product selling. It’ll do whatever it takes to direct you to the perfect listing that actually matches the search term. The advantage it has is that it has no informative blogs like google has. Google for that matter is more complex which has helped amazon in this regard.  Understanding the user’s intent and showing the exact results becomes easy for amazon in this case.

It’s all because of SEO patterns, which is different for both Google and Amazon. Let us understand this in detail with the help of an example. Consider a search query: Best eyeliners under $10. When this search is entered, it will be interpreted in different ways by different engines.

How Google search engine interprets:

The user is looking for a list of best eyeliners under $10. A blog with detailed information on the best eyeliners would be a perfect fit for the above.

What Amazon search engine interprets?

The user wants to BUY an eyeliner that’s under $10. Product listings that offer eyeliners for less than $10 would be presented rather than informative blog.

The focus of amazon is on selling a products so it lists accordingly to the query while Google tends to focus of human behavior and relevant searches for information not primarily for sales. This brings amazon to dominating the scene in product searches.

So, you see why Amazon is simply outrunning Google in case of product search?

The Amazon A9 algorithm!

You must have heard about A9. It is the algorithm that drives the Amazon search results. It is the reason why Amazon has beaten Google in e-commerce search.  The focus of A9 ison sales velocity, which refers to the rate at which your products are being sold on Amazon in terms of both speed and volume.

On the other hand, Google SEO is fully focused on website optimization and driving maximum clicks-through the SERP.

Let’s study each of Amazon’s ranking factors individually.

Conversion Rate:

Conversion rates do affect your product’s ranking in Amazon’s search results but it depends on various other factors as well. Here are some factors that affect amazon rankings:

Listings and their accuracy

Why amazon listings sell better?  It’s because of their accuracy and precision. And it implies that each and every aspect of your listing is maintained in a way that appeals to both the A9 and the customer, which is why it ranks high and gives sales.

  • Competitive Pricing

Amazon A9 uses pricing as an important factor in ranking your products. For example, if there’s an existing listing that sells a woman’s handbag at 70$ and then you upload the same product at $68, A9 will definitely notice your listing and rank it higher than others at high price. This is because buyers would most likely purchase the product at a reduced price rather than the one priced at $70. So, you must use competitive pricing to keep up with your competitors. Competitor price monitoring is a way to ensure that you don’t lose touch with the market and continue to grow at pace.

  • Product title

Another important factor considered by A9 for ranking your listing is the product title. It implies framing the title using targeted keywords and all the relevant product details while maintaining the word limit. A title that reveals required product information will drive maximum click-through and hence the higher rankings.

  • Product images

Visual content is the key entice customers. The same holds true for Amazon listings and the way of A9. If you want higher rankings and more conversions, you need to put up high quality images on your store. Clear, high resolution and relevant? The best approach to this is to use a testing tool to split testing different image versions. Getting the help of professional photo editing services is also recommended..

  • Product descriptions

“ Content is the King “ Holds true for A9 as well. A well-written Amazon product descriptions always manages to get A9’s attention as well the client’s. So, if you include a fair number of targeted keywords (one after every 100 words) throughout your description and make it interesting and crisp, your listing is likely to rank higher. Leveraging A+ and EBC content will do it for you.

  • Bullet points

Relevancy of bullet points are also important for ranking high on amazon. They ought to contain your targeted keywords along with a brief description of all the primary features of your product. If they answer all the obvious questions about the product, they make the cut.

  • Amazon ads

Amazon product optimization is all about your listings’ click-through rate and conversions. Click-throughs can, to an extent, be taken care of with the help of Amazon ads. Sponsored ads could direct additional traffic to your listings and would lead to increased conversions too.

Keyword Relevance

When it comes to keywords, many people are not able to clearly identify the difference between relevant and targeted keywords. Sometimes, the keywords that are relevant to the Amazon search engine may seem to be working well as targeted keywords. For example, the keyword phrase “vintage guitar” or “vintage guitar brown” could be two of the targeted ones. But a phrase like “brown color vintage guitar without strap” may not be a targeted one, per se. If it’s being searched on Amazon, it would make sense to A9. And A9 wants you to incorporate this in your listing so that it can be ranked for a relevant user query. Luckily, you have the option to implement these sorts of keywords as your backend search terms.

The best way to work on this is to deeply understand competitor and customer behavior analysis. You can take the help of professionals to know about the amazon competitor analysis and amazon SEO. Including the most important keywords at the beginning like the title, bullet points, image alt tags, etc. is a good choice to make A9 notice your listings.

Customer Satisfaction

Amazon is all about the customer choice. If your listing offers the customers what they want, you’ll be noticed and ranked higher. Amazon wants its customers to have a glitch-free and pleasant shopping experience. If your listing successfully provides this, then you have got the ranking

Generally, the A9 takes two things into consideration to check on the satisfaction level of your listings.

Seller’s account health

Amazon has set a minimum performance criteria for each seller. Failing to meet it leads to poor rankings. Sellers’ account health demonstrates how well he has been performing. For checking the health of a sellers account, things like order defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate, are taken into consideration. If you are not ranking as of now, it time to go for Amazon listing optimization.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews is the single most important factor that contributes more than anything in amazon rankings. It tells A9 about your performance. You can persuade customers via email to give as many reviews to your products as you can. You should also offer high-quality products and satisfactory customer service to make sure that the customers are happy. Amazon also has rules to rule out any fake reviews hence it is important to get original reviews.

So why Amazon dominates Google search? The simple answer to that is it keeps the customers at the helm of affairs and because the algorithm focusses on customer satisfaction, hence it bypasses Google in product searches and rightly so.

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