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Outsource Book Data Entry Services

Books are the best companions of human beings since beginning. Books have always helped humanity whether it is in the sphere of  history, literature, maths, fiction, astrology, astronomy, religion or spirituality. With the advent of the digital era, form of books have also evolved from paper to digital. Its the time when people prefer to read the ebook from the comfort of their mobile phone or laptop without handling the paper book. Therefore, it is an era where ebook and its importance can not be further ignored. Its more natural than ever to convert all books into ebooks and people all over the world have been doing it for past two decades. What better than finding an outsourcing partner for doing your book data entry job for your ebook. Outsource book data entry work to India for saving on budget and avail high quality and high accuracy data entry by our professionals.

Aumtec Solutions have a long experience of helping people in book data entry services for making their stock of ebooks. We have the team to accomplish the book data entry in the most efficient manner. We now have the process and we also ensure timely delivery of your project. We also have the bandwidth to accomodate more persons on a short notice in case you have huge volume of book data entry work. If you outsource book data entry services to us, the task will be completed within the stipulated time frames. It can became more manageable, easy to make copies of, easy to distribute/publish, economical to manage and cost of storage is also considerably low in case of digital books. We always focus on cost effective data entry of eBooks. Outsourcing eBook data entry services to us will give you the leverage of getting experts assistance at the most reasonable prices.It also gives you the option to spend your precious time in core busines aspect and save your money and infra cost for further business expenses. Outsource book data entry services to Aumtec Solutions to convert the data into desired format and style, as well as leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology for your book data entry requirements.

Book/ eBook Data Entry Formats :

We Provide data in the follwoing formats as per your requirements:

    • PDF
    • MS Word
    • ePublisher
    • Mobile
    • HTML
    • Frame Maker
    • Quark
    • PageMaker
    • Robo Help

Our Book/eBook Data Entry Services consists of a well devised process for accomplising the task smoothy and most efficiently :

Collect Book Data:

We collect your data and ararnge it to begin with the task. Our eboook data entry specialists understand yoru task and will give time to get your requirements before processing them. The dedicated project manager will stay in touch with you to communicate about how you want the services and then the process shall follow.

Assigning responsibilities and deadline:

The next task is for the project manager to assign deadline of work along with specific responsibilities.

Production/ Processing :

Our experienced staff perform data entry services for books and eBooks with utmost accuracy. We generate error free data entry results to give you competitive edge.

Quality Check:

The data is then checked by our quality check team to ensure error free delivery. We guarantee high standards and accuracy.

Final File:

We ensure the delivery of the final data by a secured network.

Why Outsource Book Data Entry Services in India to Aumtec Solutions?

India is a preferred destination for outsourcing the data entry services as it is full of the talent pool for many outsourcing services and also you get lower cost to manage your business operations. Aumtec Solutions has wide range of experience in providing ebook data entry services and we are reliable outsourcing service provider to global clients. Try our services and we are sure that you will get the desired results at affordable prices. Our work culture is such that you get a feel of a team in house and we ensure proper communication with our clients to take their feedback at all stages. Weather you have a lot of scanneed pages to be converted into ebooks or text, we are here to assist you with that and other data entry services as well.

This way you can stop worrying about the eBook data entry work yourself and you may focus on other important operations of your business for managing growth, sustainability and growing profit. We have been providing data entry services for many years to countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France etc. in various file formats like PDF, HTML, TIFF, etc. Outsourcing book data entry services to a relaible data entry service provider can save your valuable money and time that can be used in your own business in a productive manner.

Hire Aumtec Solutions for eBook/ Book Data Entry Services

You will get easy access to professional data entry operators to perform your book data entry work. Hire our expert ebook data entry operators to quality book data entry services at affordable prices.

With us, you get, at your disposal, a trained team of highly skilled staff to do your task,and you don’t need to train your own staff to work which saves you infrastructure cost as well.

With you choosing us as your outsourcing partner you will get your data converted from handwritten papers, old books, articles, research papers, registers, and scanned documents into ebooks. We provide the desired formats as per your requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing book data entry services to Aumtec Solutions :

Quality Services:

We understand the value of your business and time, hence we are committed to give you the best quality eBook data entry services with utmost accuracy and quick turn around time.

Data Security:

Your data is perfectly secured with us as sign non disclosure agreement with our employees and keep data privacy as a key feature of our business.

Affordable Prices:

Our eBook data entry outsourcing services are available at most reasonable prices to save your operational expenses.

Business Relations:

We believe in building long term busines relatons with our clients.

Quality Check:

We have a strict quality compliance in place to ensure that you get error free data. Our quality check team is poised with modern tools and softwares to do quality checking.

Free Trial Run:

Don’t commit to us without trial. We offer free trial of our services to build business relation with you.

Email us with your requirements for booko data entry services at or simply put the query in the query box. Our represetative will soon approach you to address your reqirements in the best possible way.