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Aumtec is a perfect one-stop solution for E-commerce store owners. We have a rich experience of working with diverse companies dealing in electric items, bathroom fittings, automotivesfjt, furniture, beauty products , apparels, tubes and tyres and many more. We have worked with more than 500 clients from more than 6 countries including USA and UK. We have a policy of “Client First “ in our approach to projects. We provide our clients with end to end E-commerce solutions ranging from managing and developing their own site to attract customers worldwide, populate their product database , categorizing them, optimizing them, writing product descriptions and managing the inventory as well as the stock and rates so as to enabling clients to focus on more pressing issues at their hands than some measly tasks like these. In addition to content management and data enrichment, we help our clients with Google marketing strategies like SEO, PPC etc. so that their products are displayed at the top and are prioritized in the global market. We always work hard to satisfy the customers and we value their trust the most. You can write to us at manish@aumtecsolutions.com or simply click here to post your query.

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