Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

If you are an insurance company owner, you would know that data processing for insurance claims is a time consuming and tedious process that must be taken care of. It is an important part of operations of all insurance service providers. It is preferred to outsource insurance claims data entry work to professional data entry service providers to save cost and time. This is where we can assist you. Aumtec Solutions is one of the leading and reliable data entry services outsourcing companies in India. We offer cost effective and quality driven services for your insurance data entry needs.

Claims are filed for the fulfilment of financial requirements of an individual or a company in the event of some mishap. One need to perform insurance claims data entry and processing work with utmost accuracy and 100% precision. Because this takes time and expertise, this work if done in house, can cost you extra money and resources and most importantly, you will find it very time taking and you may miss on other core areas of your business. The best solutions for this, as done by many companies worldwide, is, to outsource the insurance claim data entry task to a reliable service provider. Aumtec Solutions , has been based in India where we have a talent pool of resources to help you with insurance claim data entry and processing work in the most efficient manner. Because we are based in India, you will get your work done at a lower cost and more efficiency. This will save your quality time and money. We have a client base in major countries including USA, UK, Australia, France, Canada etc. You can avail our services and feel the difference.

Our Insurance Claims Data Entry Services includes the following:

We have a team of experts that perform best data entry services with high efficiency and reliability. Get your required insurance claims data entry services from the following list at most reasonable prices:

  • General insurance claims data entry
  • Medical claims data entry
  • Hospitalization claims forms
  • Critical illness claims forms
  • Life insurance claims data entry
  • Accident insurance claims forms
  • Dismemberment claims forms
  • Death claims forms data entry
  • Mortgage claim data entry
  • Owners insurance claims forms
  • Vehicle insurance claims
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Long-term care insurance claims
  • Workers compensation insurance claims

To know more, you can contact us now to talk to our sales executive who will guide you about the best possible solutions for your business needs.

Insurance Claims Data Entry procedure at Aumtec Solutions?

Aumtec Solutions uses the following procedure to process your insurance claims data entry work :

Collecting Claims:

We collect your insurance claims files and our project manager discusses your requiremnets with you and decide on the method to proceed with the task

Responsibiities and deadline :

The next task to set the responsibilities and deadline for the project.

Data Entry:

After collecting the data, our professional data entry operators perform insurance claims data entry work with nearly 100% accuracy and focus.

Quality Check:

To make sure that your database is error free , our quality check team checks the data by using latest tools and methods.


The final file will be sent to you by our team.

Why to Outsource Insurance Claims Data Entry Services to us?

There are numerous reasons to outsource insurance data entry services. Following are a few advantages of offshore data entry service :

Concentrate on Insurance Claims Business:

When you outsource insurance claims data entry services to Aumtec Solutions, you will be able to pay heed to your main business operations as insurance claims processing and put your efforts to beat your peers rather than spending time in accurate data entry . Outsourcing to Aumtec would provide you access to state of the art capabilities and technologies at the most affordable prices.

Save Operational Costs:

Outsourcing insurance claims data entry services to India will save you up to 45-55% of the operational costs as it will save you infrastructure costs as well as human resources cost in terms of salary and equipments. You can use the saved budget on other marketing activities to get better of your competitors.

High Quality Insurance Claims Data Entry Services:

Data experts at our company are trained to provide high quality services for your insurance data entry outsourcing requirements. We offer various file formats for data entry work as HTML, JPEF, Excel, Word, Text, Docs, etc. to meet your needs.

Access to Professional Data Entry Operators:

We have a strong and experienced team of dedicated data professionals who have exeprinece of working with various insurance companies globally. We also offer a free trial to our clients to know about our services.

With us, you have the leverage of cutting edge technology along with modern tools to get the best insurance claim data entry services.

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