Improve Your Online Store’s Performance and sales through Better eCommerce Product Categorization

Improve Your Online Store’s Performance and sales through Better eCommerce Product Categorization

August 3, 2019 Manish

You may be knowing the golden rule as an online store owner that if the customers visiting your store are not able to locate and find the products they search for, then the probability of them coming up again on your store is negligible. Hence it is more important than ever to have your product listings optimized and well categorized. Better and precise eCommerce product categorization would bring more and more traffic to your site, will improve customer satisfaction and thereby will improve your sales.

With increasing product types, it has become more necessary to present them optimally in your store to attract visitors. After all in online selling, the store is all you have to present to the customers, Hence it should present a virtual reality to the customers. Whether you are dealing with any types of items be it consumer items, electronics, furniture, toys, automotive etc, it is imperative for you to categorize your products well and also to put the product information in a well classified and search engine friendly manner. Having well optimized product taxonomy ensures that your customers have the leverage of browsing through your online product catalogs smoothly.

Online sellers who have large product catalogs will surely benefit by having multiple categories for their products database because it would impact the filtered navigation positively. It becomes easier for your customers to find and compare a product online. This helps you in increasing the traffic on your site exponentially. Moreover, search engine ranking and user experience as well could be significantly improved by using proper descriptive product categories, that will facilitate the application of targeted PPC campaigns also and measure the result of PPC campaign depending on specific category landing pages.

Product categorization

Product categorization is often overlooked by sellers but anyone could do it at their own risk as it is proven to increase traffic to your online store. More categories potentially mean increase in number of landing pages, more number of keywords and numerous pages having indexed search results. All of this significantly increase the long tail traffic of the store.

However, in spite of the tremendous benefits of eCommerce product categorization for your product catalog, it is indeed a very needed job process. You basically need to understand user behavior for searching of a particular products which becomes quite a complicated task.

This is where you should take help of expert service providers who will provide product categorization service, and would ensure that you do’t have to perform these tasks yourself and instead you can spend your quality time in core areas of your business. You could simply outsource the product listing and category management services to industry experts. With over 10 years of experience in product categorization and management for diverse range of products, we ensure that all your eCommerce product categorization needs are taken care of, effectively, accurately and on time. This saves you infrastructure cost and valuable time.

Accurate Product Categorization

You should make sure that all the products placed on your online store are correctly categorized and placed as per the product attributes. It includes the following

  • Smart categorization: You need to determine correct product type for each of your SKU.
  • New product categorization: Next you need to review each new product added to your store to ensure accurate product categorization.

Optimized Product Taxonomy

You will need to optimize your online store’s product taxonomy and ensure that your visitors have a smooth browsing experience on your product pages.

eCommerce Taxonomy Development

You also would need to assign right tags and categories for each product on your online store after ensuring that overlapping product attributes are used precisely.

Higher SEO Ranking

You also need to  ensure that right number of categories/ sub-categories are added to get your site ranked high on search engines for relevant product pages.

Other ecommerce challenges for owners from scratch

If you own your ecommerce store , or planning to open one, you would be facing a lot of challenges upfront. If you opt for a new store, you will need ecommerce web design and development services. This will enable you to build a brand new store for your business. You would have many ecommerce platforms to chose from like magento, 3d cart, x cart, zen cart, volusion, net suite, big commerce, open cart etc. You need to make a smart decision to chose the best ecommerce platform to suit your needs. For example, in certain cases, Big commerce web development has some advantages over others specially with respect to advantage in SEO. Similarly, other shopping carts also offer some unique advantages, Hence you need to decide depending on your specific needs and the volume and type of your product database. Building an ecommerce store from scratch or revamping an old existing one is not everybody’s cup of tea. You would need ecommerce web experts to make the website for you which will give you the leverage of spending your quality time in improving other areas of business and the web experts will help you in managing your online store on consistent basis. Hence, you should focus on outsourcing your ecommerce web development to streamline your online process.

Once your store is set up and ready to use, you need to get the graphic designing done on it to put enticing and appealing banners and images over your store. Next comes the major challenge , that is to manage your e-catalog. Once your store is ready to use, you should focus on getting your product database built. Catalog processing would take a lot of effort and a degree of experience to manage your product catalog efficiently. Either, you would like to copy your product details from a paper catalog or you would like to copy it from manufacturer site. In both cases, it is time consuming and need help of ecommerce data entry professionals who will not only manage your catalog but also help you in categorizing, updating, and pricing your products. The catalog is the backbone of an enterprise. Your online catalog will represent your enterprise to your customers. Managing the product catalog involves a lot of things :

  1. Product images : It includes entering product images either from manufacturer or from any other source. The image need to be resized, cropped and enhanced as per the requirement and then need to be optimized and used in your store.
  2. Product details : The product details need to be entered meticulously, without error, The product details are bulky and it needs dedicated data entry persons to enter your product details accurately and ensuring that your product catalog is error free and appealing to your customers.
  3. Product titles: Your product must have a title. The title must be in accordance with the SEO search terms rather than any random title. Proper and optimized product title will ensure that your product appears in relevant search terms which is the ultimate goal of e-commerce.
  4. Product Categorization: The products need to be categorized accurately for ranking your product in relevant searches. Wrong categorization would lead to wrong rankings. For example, if you have listed your product in category “ medicine “ and you are selling supplement actually. Then it will not yield wanted results. Therefore, category selection should be done by professional persons and product categorization is very important for improving your catalog chances of sales.
  5. Product description writing : If you copy the products from manufacturer, then also, you should not copy the description as this goes against the google algorithm. Hence the way out is that even if you may copy other product details from the manufacturer but you should write fresh and unique product descriptions for your products. That will make your product catalog stand out and also google will like it and rank it better.
  6. Product attributes : The product attributes need to be entered very precisely as the attributes contain a lot of minute details about the product like size, color, weight, etc. You should try and enter all product attributes because once a customer visits your store, the product with wholesome details will always attract customers.

Hence it is evident from the above passage that product catalog management is one of the key tasks for your online store and you would want it done in the most professional way to remove any discrepancy and improve your chances of sales.

Now, when your store is fully populated with the product database, the next big thing to do is to check your content. The content on your site and your products should not be copied and should be unique. Next thing you should focus on is writing unique and SEO optimized content and product descriptions for your store. This makes your page better in eyes of google and you will therefore have a chance to rank better.

Once your store is populated and the content is also managed, you can focus on the most important area, that is ecommerce store SEO. SEO is the phenomena that will eventually take you to the top of search engine and you will experience more leads through your e-commerce store. SEO involves understanding your store and the digital marketing tactics clearly. First of all comes, the on page optimization which will involve writing titles and meta description for all pages of your store. Again an SEO expert can do it best because writing the meta titles and description again need to be done with sound knowledge of google algorithms. You can outsource the work to a quality SEO team which will do complete SEO for your store. On page SEO is necessary to begin with so that your pages show relevant titles required for search engine rankings. After that, you may focus on off page optimization which involves a series of works like writing blogs, articles, back link submission, directory submission, Making Presentations, you tube channel management, business listings, blogging, profile creation on good sites etc. Once all this done by industry experts in a sequential manner, your site will start gaining ranks and after some time, you will start making big sales from it. Following the complete process will make your store full of leads and it will help you become famous and start selling more.

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