Improve Your Online Store’s Performance and sales through Better eCommerce Product Categorization

eCommerce Product Categorization

You may be knowing the golden rule as an online store owner that if the customers visiting your store are not able to locate and find the products they search for, then the probability of them coming up again on your store is negligible. Hence it is more important than ever to have your product listings optimized and well categorized. Better and precise eCommerce product categorization would bring more and more traffic to your, will improve customer satisfaction and thereby will improve your sales.

With increasing product types, it has become more necessary to present them optimally in your store to attract visitors. After all in online selling, the store is all you have to present to the customers, Hence it should present a virtual reality to the customers. Whether you are dealing with any types of items be it consumer items, electronics, furniture, toys, automotive etc, it is imperative for you to categorize your products well and also to put the product information in a well classified and search engine friendly manner. Having well optimized product taxonomy ensures that your customers have the leverage of browsing through your online product catalogs smoothly.

Online sellers who have large product catalogs will surely benefit by having multiple categories for their products database because it would impact the filtered navigation positively. It becomes easier for your customers to find and compare a product online. This helps you in increasing the traffic on your site exponentially. Moreover, search engine ranking and user experience as well could be significantly improved by using proper descriptive product categories, that will facilitate the application of targeted PPC campaigns also and measure the result of PPC campaign depending on specific category landing pages.

Product categorization

is often overlooked by sellers but anyone could do it at their own risk as it is proven to increase traffic to your online store. More categories potentially mean increase in number of landing pages, more number of keywords and numerous pages having indexed search results. All of this significantly increase the long tail traffic of the store.

However, in spite of the tremendous benefits of eCommerce product categorization for your product catalog, it is indeed a very tedious and time consuming process. You basically need to understand user behavior for searching of a particular products which becomes quite a complicated task.

This is where Aumtec Solutions will help you. We will provide product categorization service, and would ensures that you do’t have to perform these tedious tasks yourself and instead you can spend your time in core areas of your business. You could simply outsource the product listing and category management services to Aumtec Solutions. With over 10 years of experience in product categorization and management for diverse range of products, we ensure that all your eCommerce product categorization needs are taken care of, effectively, accurately and on time. This saves you infrastructure cost and valuable time.

Accurate Product Categorization

We would make sure that all the products placed on your online store are correctly categorized and placed as per the product attributes. We will do the following:

  • Smart categorization: We will determine correct product type for each of your SKU.
  • New product categorization: We will individually review each new product added to your store to ensure accurate product categorization.
  • Experience on major retail sites: We has wide experience of product categorization on major retail marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Sears etc.

Optimized Product Taxonomy

We will optimize your online store’s product taxonomy and ensure that your visitors have a smooth browsing experience on your product pages.

eCommerce Taxonomy Development

We would assign right tags and categories for each product on your online store after ensuring that overlapping product attributes are used precisely.

Higher SEO Ranking

Aumtec’s team of professionals ensure that right number of categories/ sub-categories are added to get your site ranked high on search engines for relevant product pages.

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