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Product upload services (eCommerce):

A survey of eCommerce companies conducted recently points to the fact that one of the most daunting tasks that the eCommerce store owners face is to manage the Product upload services It is a very important part of your business and its quite time consuming for the owners and because of its immense importance, one can not find its alternative. It is to be done with utmost accuracy and in accordance with the rules of the various e-commerce platforms. One of the reports findings suggest that the inability to manage the product catalog smoothly hampers the business growth of a number of clients. As it is a specific task which involves some degree of expertise along with knowledge of various shopping carts, it becomes difficult for store owners to manage huge volumes of data at their end. The e-commerce sales is on the rise and if you don't find proper catalog management services, you might end up losing huge market to your competitors. You might need quality product data management services provider to manage your product catalogs in an efficient manner.

We at Aumtec Solutions have expertise in helping store owners like you in managing their e-catalogs effectively and efficiently. We can convert your paper catalogs into digital ones by taking care of all the required product fields like manufacturer details, product sku, product images, product meta data, product descriptions, product attributes etc. Our team of e-commerce data experts key in all the product details with relevant details and will populate your database with quality data entry services. We not only focus on data entry but spend time in research and also help you with making your site SEO friendly by adding meta tags , keywords, descriptions etc.

We have a decade of experience in dealing with catalog management and product upload services for a variety of online stores including but not limited to lightening products, beauty products, apparels, electronics, tyres, automotive, furniture, paintings, car parts, toys, home decor and many more. With Aumtec Solutions as your partner for data management and other back end service, you will avail the highest quality of services along with responsive and reliable work culture. We treat our clients work with honour and provide our best guidance and inputs to help you reach on the top of your business in the digital world. We have a robust infrastructure at our disposal to provide dedicated data entry professional to our clients. Our Quality assurance system is based on client centric approach and we keep all the clients data with secrecy. We are certified services providers and have a clientele of more than 200 clients which is increasing day in and out.

Our team of skilled data professionals have extensive experience of managing data on almost all shopping carts and marketplaces. Here are a list of few we have worked with :

eBay product listing services,
Amazon product listing services,
Sears product upload services,
Open cart product data management services,
Zen cart product listing services,
Magento data entry and content management services,
Woo commerce product upload services,
X cart product entry services,
3d cart product upload services,
Volusion data entry and product upload,
Shopify product upload services

Please have a look at our key offerings :

  • Extracting relevant and required product information from online sources/ reference website, online research, hard copy catalogs, or scanned pages
  • Adding/updating products to your account and setting up appropriate categories and sub categories.
  • Creating / modifying / updating product attributes (for instance shape, size, color, weight, manufacturer, SKU number, etc.)
  • Enhancing your product images to make them look better and be compatible with your store
  • Updating item price/ adding special offers, discounts, etc. (We would also do competitive price monitoring to place your product better than your peers.)
  • Managing meta tags, meta title and search terms to make your listing rank better.
  • Writing unique product description for your products to make your product optimized and SEO friendly.

We are confident that we would have worked on your niche as well. Contact us at with your query.

What are product upload services?

Product upload services is the process of creating and populating your product database on your e-store. It includes a range of tasks, like entering the product sku, fetching the product information from various sources, making product titles, creating product attributes, making the descriptions unique, optimizing and resizing the product images, putting competitive product prices. The source could be a manufacturer site, distributor’s site, paper catalog, scanned pdf etc. Ecommerce experts at Aumtec Solutions fetch the product details by appropriately researching the details and then keying it in appropriately. We would enter your product data in the most precise manner. Even the slight mistake in data intake, can be fatal as it could directly impact your sales. The data need to be accurate and because the product data contains a lot of product information like size, color, weight, price, image, description, sku, model no., manufacturer, shipping details, meta data etc. All this makes it a job to be done by industry experts. We are adept at entering all the product details with utmost accuracy and we have an experience of entering products for a variety of online stores dealing in apparels, furniture, toys, garments, automotive, car parts, lightening, electronics, paintings, home decor, and many others. Aumtec Solutions can enter the product details fulfilling all the required preconditions of researching and entering in all the details like product attributes, product prices, product images , product descriptions etc.

How a product catalog impacts your e-commerce sales?

A well presented product catalog will surely attract a large crowd to your store and will result in increased sales. On the contrary, a product catalog that is not descriptive will have a high bounce rate. This is because the customers want to find all the information at one place. This makes their mind clear about the product they are searching for. For example, if somebody is searching for "best sun glasses in New York". In result, there would be thousands of searches, in case the customer lands on your product. He would expect a swift access to all the product features, shipping details, return policy, rates, product specifications etc. If your page is not descriptive enough or if you don't have all the product specifications mentioned in detail, the chances are high that he might switch to another seller. Hence, it is imperative for e-commerce store owners to get your Store populated with all the product specifications and shipping details. Your product catalog virtually defines your business in the digital world as it is the only point of contact between you and your end customer. Hence it is very important that your product catalog is managed in a precise manner and all the specifications need to be listed. A well managed product catalog includes optimized product descriptions, well crafted product attributes, correct product categorization, well optimized product images, using meta descriptions and keywords, etc. Aumtec Solutions will help you with entering all the product specifications. We take time to research the product details from manufacturer;s site or online to ensure that your product is well defined.

Why you should hire an expert for product data entry services?

The task of managing your product catalog is time taking and as mentioned, you need some level of expertise for managing it. Outsourcing your product management is effective as it will save enormous time for you and also it will help you save operational costs. It would always be a better idea to outsource the product data entry task to a dedicated data person who can take care of even minute specifications and assist you from the back end in making sales. The most important thing is that you will get professional services. Partner with Aumtec to get a dedicated data person to manage your online store. Your dedicated person will be backed by a team of experience professionals having tons of experience who can help in any situation. The data managers at Aumtec are capable at handling huge volume of data on any shopping cart. We are having experience of working on various shopping carts and marketplaces like Magento, 3d cart, X-cart, Zen cart, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Big commerce, Netsuite, Volusion, Amazon , eBay, Sears, Walmart, Houzz ,Etsy etc. The dedicated persons can do your work on a regular basis and we have a policy of reporting to the client on a daily basis. The dedicated person will report to you on a daily basis. We also have strict quality assurance process at our end. So, we ensure that you get quality product catalog management services. This also gives you leverage to spend your quality time in other areas of your business while we manage your back-end process.

Here are the group of services we offer:
Product Listing Optimization

We complement our product upload/services with quality optimization efforts, aimed at ensuring that your product listing not only rank high and gains more visibility, but also gets you better sales. Whether you already have a product listing in place or reach out to us for new one, we strongly suggest that you to take product listing optimization services. Reasons are many, but here are some of them :
When you get your product listings optimized professionally, you have the chance of ranking in top results organically.

Here's our strategy for product listing optimization services:

Keyword Research

Keyword research for search engines like Amazon is not much different from keyword research for search engines such as Google, agreed, but the tools differ. Aumtec knows its way around such tools, and would search out highly converting keywords for your niche. We would then combine these with your seed keyword, and then we use this for product optimization techniques. When we do keyword research, we emphasize on finding the primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords for your product page.

Competitor Analysis

We would monitor your competitors and keep you aware of competitive pricing to identify the buyers' demands and what they are searching for.
We study the top 5 competitors appearing at the top of the SERPs for your primary keywords, take a few medium-level competitors into account appearing at the bottom of the first page results, and also analyze some of the page 2 competitors as well, to not leave any scope.

  • For the purpose of product listing optimization, we track some of the important product metrics, including keywords, content (product descriptions, titles, features, etc.), competitor pricing patterns, reviews. We frame your optimization strategy based on these key attributes
    With such detailed competition analysis, our team would help you explore the perfect opportunities for optimizing your product listings.
Finding Relevant Search Terms / Keywords

We help you take full advantage of search engine results by including relevant keywords/phrases. Being one of the leading providers of Product optimization services, we understand that search terms are only shown in the back-end, but we know their importance. We place primary keywords per line and make changes wherever needed. By choosing Aumtec Solutions as your Product promotion partner, you can be sure that:

  • Your search terms is well within the recommended length.
  • All the keywords that do not get enough coverage in the product detail page are also incorporated.
  • All information will be up to the mark, and relevant.
Creating optimized Product Title

Having assisted hundreds of online sellers with Product listing optimization services, we have identified a common loophole in many listings, i.e the product title. As per our understanding, many sellers fail to create a great title which hampers their rankings and sales which is where we help sellers to not do that mistake. We craft titles to attract both search engines and users. We play by the rules - capitalizing the first letter, spelling out the measurement units such as inches and pounds, using numerals, etc.

  • We lay enough emphasis on the basics as we are fully aware of the rules/protocols for crafting product titles. All the information will be relevant and result oriented and following the rules of search engines.
  • We make product titles by incorporating keywords and features and also ensure that your title is better placed by looking at the common trends.
Bullet Points
  • We include all the necessary product information, such as dimensions, quintessential conditions for use, etc.
  • We know the rules for all platforms. For instance, Amazon requires us to begin each bullet point with a capital letter, etc. Also, there's no ending punctuation in it.
  • We are well aware of the do’s and don’t’s of forming the bullet points.
Unique Product Descriptions

One of the reasons why clients prefer to hire Aumtec Solutions’ experts for product listing services is because of our unique ability to write product descriptions that sell. We have a team of expert writers who are proficient in writing for global markets, the description that is user friendly and Search engine optimized as well. It is our research work that makes us expert product writers.

  • We pay attention to the first 200 characters and try to wrap up the most engaging part of your product description within this character limit. This is because the search engine like Amazon index the first 200 characters and leave rest to the customers.
  • Our product descriptions make your product virtually available to the clients so that it present a better picture of your products.
  • We craft descriptions that are unique, SEO friendly and attractive.
Product Images
  • Product images are the life line of eCommerce as it gives your product a real touch when customers interact with it virtually online.
  • We help clients in editing/resizing their product images to suit the eCommerce platform and to make the images better and appealing.
    We edit and optimize your product photos to make them stand out and also the search engines are paying special attention to the images now a days. Well optimized product photos make your listing rank on top.
    We tend to use 7-9 images per ASIN, depending upon the category your product falls in.
  • These photos are edited by Aumtec’s photo editing experts, who could resize the photos, if required, help enable the zoom-in option, and much more.
Our comprehensive Product upload and listing services include:
Product Data Management

We ensure correct product categorization, along with managing other product attributes.

Template Specific Data Entry

We enter in product data according to the template.

Product Inventory Management Services

Our team makes sure that your inventory is well managed and you are aware and keep you up-to-date on the stock levels and restock dates of your product, thus making you accurately calculate and figure out the shipping time required for specific items. This will make sure that you don’t lose any sales.

Product Listing Services/ Product Upload Services

We would enter all the product feed by meticulously entering all product specific information such as product SKU, standard product ID, product tags, product descriptions, data and other category specific information as well. We have experience in all shopping carts like magento data entry, shopify data entry, volusion data entry etc. and also marketplaces like ebay data entry services, amazon data entry services etc.

Product Listing Optimization

We make sure that each piece of information that's entered in as part of product uploading is optimal and accurate So, right from your product title to images and description, every element is optimized, thereby ensuring that your listing resonates well with search engine as well as end user

Bulk Upload Services

We are equally comfortable in entering single products, or using the bulk product upload tool to upload multiple products at once through CSV

Product Image Editing Services
At Aumtec, we understand that your product images have a direct impact on the sales you generate. We will edit/enhance/resize/retouch your product images and ensure that your product images are well optimized.

  • We ensure that the images uploaded are of the correct size, and that the right number of images are uploaded for each product
  • We would ensure that stricter image requirements are met according to platforms we work upon.
  • We do ensure that all the product images (parent, child and alternate) are properly cropped in order to ensure a better viewing experience for the customer.
  • We make sure that the customer can "zoom" in on images on your product pages – which will ensure better visibility and choice to customers.
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As you can probably tell by now, we're experienced in dealing with product listings on almost all shopping carts and marketplaces, and will be glad to do it for your business as well. Contact us today, and you'll soon learn why outsourcing your Product data entry services to us is the best thing you ever did for your business.

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