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With our full range of Magento product listing services and catalog management offers, Aumtec Solutions help eCommerce store owners worldwide in enhancing their overall online shopping experience and provide them with optimized and well written content, complete inventory management, order processing services and back office customer support services etc. We, as a team have tons of experience in managing product catalogs on Magento-powered eCommerce stores for various clients and populating & managing their database with huge volume of items and entering their multi-faceted, accurate and well researched information which not only helps in good decision making but also helps in improving the product sales.

We are capable of handling high-volume and complex Magento product listing and management projects, right from gathering required product details from various online sources or paper catalog, to entering them correctly and updating them in the product database with utmost accuracy. We adhere to  Magento product upload rules/guidelines to create error-free Magento product listing with all the relevant product information like SKUs, right categories and sub categories, creating optimized product titles, writing unique descriptions, putting pricing, enhancing and uploading multiple product images, etc.

Aumtec Solutions’ Magento Product Listing Services at a Glance

Once you outsource Magento data entry services to us, we at Aumtec Solutions, provide you a dedicated team of data experts who manage your product database effectively and efficiently. They handle all tasks right from creating SKUs, classifying the products in appropriate categories, creating optimized and well researched product descriptions, editing the product images by cutting/cropping them and also enhancing them or changing their backgrounds and revising price, updating your stock levels and providing 24/7 back office support to customers.

Aumtec Solusions’ Magento listing service includes the following:

Magento Product Listing The data entry experts at Aumtec Solutions can enter the details of tens of thousands of products in the online store itself if we have the log in access or create a CSV file for uploading in the store’s back-end system in case we don’t have access to the store. We are well versed at importing all product types like simple, grouped, bundled, downloadable and virtual, individually as well as in bulk, with utmost accuracy.

Magento Product Categorization We could correctly sort thousands of products in right categories and sub-categories, add, modify, move and delete them according to your product list.

Magento Product Attribute creation We, Aumtec Solutions can add customized attributes such as color, size, style, shape, brand, manufacturer, fabric, weight, etc. to your products for enhancing customer view.

Magento Product Description Writing We have a team of experienced copywriters who create unique, and compelling product descriptions that would highlight the key product features, its benefits and technical specifications. We also focus on easy and understandable language keeping the customers in mind.

Magento Product Image Editing and Upload Our image editors at Aumtec Can work on your image to give it a realistic look and to do the size changes as well according to the norms.

Magento Product Tags Creation We also assist you in creating suitable product tags to improve the visibility of the products and make it easy for the visitors to find similar types of products on the product page.

Magento Product Re-price/ Update As part of our Magento product data entry services, Aumtec Solutions help you in keeping track of competitors’ product pricing strategies and update your prices accordingly. This keeps you ahead of your peers and will increase your sales.

Magento Bulk Product Upload  We  assist you with quality magento outsourcing data entry services. Magento data entry experts at Aumtec Solutions also use advanced tools to upload even tens of thousands of products along with their enhanced images in bulk with full accuracy.

Magento Inventory Management Aumtec Solutions keep a track on your stock levels, popular items and out-of-stock products as well to help you ensure that there is no data discrepancy in your stock availability.

Magento Back Office Support Aumtec Solutions’ team also help you in including up-sell and cross-sell merchandising, competitor price monitoring solutions, order processing services and live customer support 24*7

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We provide data entry services for Magento simple products, Magento configurable products, and Magento grouped products as well

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