Forms Processing Services

Forms Processing Services

As we know that this is a digital era and everything from a simple call/mail to a near one to the complex things like bank work, everything has got digital. Having said that, it is important to understand that even when every aspect of life has gone digital and every information can be stored on cloud, still paper data remain a very important aspect of information storage. Through quality and accurate forms processing services, Aumtec Solutions helps you capture and extract all the relevant data and convert it into suitable e-formats with utmost accuracy and reliability.

With a rich experience of data processing and forms processing, hundreds of global clients and access to latest technological innovation along with robust team and strong infrastructure, we provide qualityforms filling and forms processing services to global clients which help you multifold. It saves your operational cost as you would get our services at most reasonable rates. Our form processing and data entry professionals are skilled at processing forms of all types including invoices, purchase orders, insurance claims, survey/ questionnaires, medical claims, etc. We have the infrastructure to handle any volume of task and can also increase the team size on a short notice.

Key features of Aumtec Solutions’ Forms Processing Services:

Aumtec Solutions offer forms processing services for all types of documents, including structured as well as unstructured data. We provide superior quality form processing and data entry services at reasonable prices through a perfect blend of our experience along with modern technology and robust team of dedicated data professionals. Our team ofexperts efficiently capture data from handwritten, typed, scanned as well as machine printed forms, process the information as required. Key application areas, include:

  • Online Form Processing
  • Hand Written Form Processing
  • Insurance Claims Form Processing
  • Tax Form Processing
  • Contact Form Processing
  • Market Research Form Processing
  • Questionnaires / Survey Form Processing
  • Academic / Research Documents Form Processing
  • Registration Form Processing
  • Membership Renewal Forms Processing
  • Application Forms Processing
  • Patient Notes / Medical Forms Processing
  • Resume Processing
  • Payroll Form Processing
  • Accounts, Tax And Legal Forms
  • Order Fulfillment Form Processing
  • Warranty Cards Form Processing
  • Dispatch Notes Form Processing
  • Property Form Processing

We can process high volume of forms with utmost accuracy and provide you with error free data. As part of forms processing services, we do the following:

  • Scan hardcopy forms and capture data accurately by using latest tools and softwares
  • Key-in metadata from semi-structured and unstructured forms with accuracy
  • Data Cleansing, verifying and validating the data to ensure that the information is error-free, accurate and up-to-date
  • Run frequent quality checks to provide you error free and reliable data
  • Deliver files in a suitable file format such as MS Word, Excel, Access, Text, HTML, XML, etc.

We provide forms processing services across range of industries including but not limited to healthcare, banking and finance, insurance, legal, universities, tour and travel, real estate and others.

Why Outsource Forms Processing Services to us?

Aumtec Solutions would help you in getting easy access to business critical data stored in forms, in the desired format to be used effectively. Here are the following features you will enjoy while having Aumtec as you partner in forms processing services:
End-to-end form processing services: Aumtec Solutions offers a complete range of forms processing services that includes forms scanning, data capturing, data cleansing and data enrichment, in the most efficient manner. Also our quality check system would ensure that we deliver the data with utmost accuracy.
Rich domain expertise: Our data experts have rich experience of processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms with precision.
Highest Quality: As an ISO 9001 certified company for Quality Management System, we deliver high-quality forms processing services to our global clients.
Data Security: Aumtec Solutions follow stringent security protocols and maintain complete secrecy of your data ensuring zero loss of your business information.
Reduced operational cost: We deliver form processing services at cost-effective prices, helping you save a considerable amount of time and money

Let’s Get Started

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