Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Data is the new oil that fuels your business in the modern world, goes the common saying. That’s indeed true as data if mined, extracted and managed properly lead to informed and growth oriented business decisions. The reverse of it leads companies to collapse in the view of lack of proper decision making on account of lack of data analysis. Your ability to consume, process and interpret data irrespective of its source or form enables you to make the right strategic decisions for your business – a quality that gives you a defining edge over your competitors.

Aumtec Solutions, India offers an array of data management services that keep you ahead of your competition while managing your data in the most efficient and reliable manner.

Armed with deep industry expertise in managing any type of data (text, audio, video, PDF, Word, Excel, Imagesetc) through its entire lifecycle, our data management specialists capture and offer customized data solutions to suit your specific needs. Our well experienced and adept team at Aumtec Solutions has a proven track record of delivering quality to world’s leading companies. We help youorganize and power your data for key business decisions.

Aumtec Solutions offers a full range of Data Management Services:
Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization

As someone having sound knowledge and deep expertise in data management services, we do acknowledge the significance of consistent and enriched data for a business. Hence we offer dedicated data cleansing and enrichment specialists who can well remove all the inconsistencies in your database and make it business fit. Our data cleansing services would help you make your business process better and more rational. Our data standardization services not only help you in achieving a consistent database but also enable you to access relevant information smoothly.

Indexing / Scanning Services

Our quality data indexing services would enable you to manage your business documents with ease and also retrieve the information uninterrupted. We can index any type of data be it invoices, vouchers, purchase orders in the most efficient and smooth manner. By acquiring our latest scanning technologies and expertise you can get huge volumes of documents scanned in no time with precision.

List Building Services

Aumtec Solutions helps you with quality list building and data mining services to provide you with most relevant and up to date database. Our team of data mining professionals at AumtecSolutions’ premises wouldoffer you deep insights into your business details and customer behavior thereby enabling you to make accurate decision to expand your business. Our data management team can extract relevant information from a variety of sources, online or offline and collate it in your desired format to give you the solutions. We adhere to stringent quality checks process to ensure error-free data which adds value to your business and keep you on top.

Data Abstraction Services

We facilitate you to stay ahead of your peers with quality and error free data extraction services. Whether it is extracting or mining key information from a bulky database to enhance the productivity of your employees or compressing a document into a summary of action items, our data abstraction experts offer all in a time bound and reliable manner. Our full range of data abstraction services includes research work ,academic data abstraction, SEC filing abstraction services, and lease abstraction services etc. You would surely benefit from high quality data abstraction services we offer to clients.

Data Analytics Services

Data analytics is a key component of business strategy which drives growth and offer sustained profits to enterprises. We offer quality data analytics services to take your business to the next level. Our well trained and expert team of data analytics professionals would help you find out new growth avenues for sustained profits and better deals.We convert your existing data into new insights and help you to take timely and accurate business decisions. We maintain strict confidentiality of your data along with high standards for data accuracy.

Why Choose Aumtec For Data Management Services?

Aumtec Solutions is a leading data management services provider for several years now. What makes us your favorable partner, is the pool of resources we have at our disposal for offering best data management services at reasonable prices. We have a team of experie4nced staff having more than a decade of experience in data management services for a wide range of clients globally. Having served hundreds of clients across the globe for reliable data management services, we become the preferred choice of businesses worldwide for quality services and reliable team. We have managed atop position in data management services by virtue of:


As a reputable service provider, we can claimhighest level of accuracy in all our data management services. We take help of your insights wherever the problem seem to persist. To ensure this, we collect all the poor quality data separately, mark it as problem input and send it to you for further clarity on it. We ensure that the data sent is in full synchronization with your requirements.

Robust Team

Our team at Aumtec Solutions is rich mix of fresh talent and experience as well, making you accessible to best working team at the most reasonable prices along with experienced project managers to handle your project. With the capacity to add more people at any stage in short notice and well qualifies team to handle all data operations, we can handle any amount oif data and would provide you most effective solutions for your needs. Whether it is data entry, data mining, scanning, analytics, data enrichment or any other services, with us you can expect quality services and quick turnaround time.

Project Management

With our strategy of offering a dedicated project manager for each project, we ensure that you would always have the time slot availability for talking to your PM and having a regular communication to achieve desired objectives. The project manage works in close co-ordination with you and executes the project on your advice and directions. The PM will act as a point of contact between you and the company and he will execute your work as your representative at our premises.

Discuss Your Project With Us

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