Yahoo Store Product listing/Data Entry Services

Yahoo Store is easy to use and provides online store owners the capability to upload/add a wide range of products, accept all types of payments and also integrate multiple shipping options. To get the benefit of this potent selling platform, you need the help of experienced team in Yahoo data entry services, which is proficient in entering product data on your yahoo store. Doing the work your self is time consuming and it lack the expertise and quality. Outsourcing the yahoo product data entry task to Aumtec Solutions would put you in driving seat as you will get professional product listing services at affordable prices and it will save your precious time and money.

Aumtec Solutions has extensive experience of working with Yahoo Stores and Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Our team of experienced Yahoo product data entry specialists has successfully delivered bespoke services to more than 50 yahoo clients worldwide. Our professionals at Aumtec have good experience of working for a wide variety of industries ranging from electronics, apparel, lighting, computers, home accessories, fashion and many more. With our efficient and reliable product data entry services at your disposal you could concentrate on other areas for your business and outsource the product data management services to us for professional services

We work in both online and offline mode as convenient to you. We provide you around the clock service, and not only list your products but can also optimize your listings so that they rank better and your product pages are more visible during search.

Aumtec Solutions’ Yahoo product data entry team helps you with

  1. Yahoo Product Data Entry

The Yahoo store experts at at Aumtec ensures that every piece of product information is added to your product database with utmost accuracy and in quick time. While creating the listings, we also make sure that the product data and product images along with descriptions and other details, enhances the shopping experience of your customers.

  • We do follow template specific rules to make sure that the right field is filled with the correct information.
  • Adding new products: The product data entry experts at Aumtec Solutions are well versed with the process of adding, updating new products and existing products respectively. We are confident of quality along with speed in the services we provide.
  • Updating existing products: To ensure that the existing products in your Yahoo store stay relevant, our product data entry team at Aumtec can update those with relevant information.
  • Defining product attributes: While entering product data we make sure that all attributes like shape, size, color, and SKU are being entered precisely.
  • Assigning categories/subcategories: We strictly ensure that your product, sub products are categorized accurately for proper listings of your products.
  • Adding/updating product prices: This done with full accuracy. There is no scope for mistake in this section and that why we have a double checking policy to ensure that the prices are correctly added. In case of any doubt, we contact the client and go for correct and competitive prices only.
  1. Product Descriptions/Enhancing Product Description

For us product data entry is not just a task but we tend to make your listings attractive to entice and flock your customers to it. This is a comprehensive process which ensures repeat customers and engages new prospects. For all these, we write unique and crisp product descriptions and make them appealing.

  1. Product Image Editing

We at Aumtec do understand the significance of quality product images in increasing the sales. That’s why we focus on high resolution images. We also enhance the image quality at our end. We also resize, change the background, retouch it, crop it in order present a real view to your customers. We have professional image editor who do this task and thus ensure high quality images to the clients.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important task and Fortunately Yahoo provides this feature to keep you updated with the stock availability in your store. We can help you by setting up this feature so that you can avail the benefits.

  1. Order Processing

Aumtec Solutions also assist you with managing your orders quickly and effectively. We provide you a virtual assistant for order processing who  give you services in addition to Yahoo product listing services for your store.

  1. Connect to us

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