How to promote your Amazon product listing- Aumtec Solutions

How to promote your Amazon product listing- Aumtec Solutions

April 4, 2018 Manish

Up Your SEO Game:- Most people know about this that you should do SEO to promote your product listings. This is arguably the most important aspect you can follow to promote your product listings. You make your products more visible to the target audience by optimizing them in a structured and professional manner. But you may know, Amazon follow its own algorithm, so here are a list of few things to check in your listings:

  • Reviews:That is the answer to most queries related more sales on amazon. The rule says “the more positive customer reviews you have, the more you will be highlighted” You will rank higher on amazon searches if you have valid and positive reviews from valid and real customers. You can’t have fake review on Amazon. Hence it becomes important for you to have good reviews from your existing customer. You should have a good feedback taking mechanism in your sales process to achieve this.
  • Metrics:Metrics, for example, your seller health and order defection rate, are going to affect our affect your rank greatly. Once you lag in these areas, because of customer trouble and disappointment it causes, Amazon puts you at the back and does not promote your listing as it would do otherwise. For Amazon, they focus primarily on customer satisfaction and feedback.
  • Keywords:Very common thing to work on are the keywords. You should be targeting those keywords which are searched more for your niche.
  • Content:This is again one the most important aspect of product promotion on Amazon or for that matter, anywhere else. Hence the product description should be crisp, clear, to the point and also should include keywords. The target should be to write unique (not copied) content copy and use it and also the language should be easy for the customers.

Get a Little Help From, Your Sponsored Product Ads Friends

SEO is time consuming compared to the paid ads which run on different platforms. In certain situations, where you need to sell quickly you may go for Sponsored Products Ads and integrate in into the marketing strategy so your listings rank well to improve sales. The advantage you have is that you don’t pay for simply putting the add rather you pay only when someone clicks on your add. This is a great way for many initial sellers to increase their market

Use the Influencers to your advantage

These influencers have a lot of traffic already on their pages and partnering with them will allow your products to be visible to a large audience increasing your prospect of sales also. This is based on the simple mechanism similar to “magnetic induction” Where you get advantage by others presence and partnering with them

Promote Your Amazon Listings on Social Media Platforms

Enough has been said by people all over and whatever will be said in future would be less to describe the importance of social media promotions in today’s global world. You can reach the masses with a click people. Its called the golden fish if you are promoting a organized manner on social media as it goes a long way to improve your sales

So here are some tips to promote on social media

  • You can try to promote a contest surrounding your products. A contest would create buzz ad is surely a great way to promote your products
  • Discount coupons are another great way to promote your products as it gives the customer a taste of getting something at a less cost. This is great tactics as it works great on psychological levels. You can go for making it more interesting by incorporating a point system and redemption criteria or give the promo code etc.
  • Share the related videos and articles. This helps indirectly to promote your listings.
  • Bonus Tip- You can use the bonus to entice the customers. For ex. On one purchase, you might give discount if somebody purchases three of your products. Use such deals to your advantage.

Keep Your Listings Competitively Priced 24/7

Again, when customers search for an item, the thing they look for is minimum cost. So always do competitor price monitoring and price your product at an advantage than others so that you get an edge while it comes to final sales.

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