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We offer quality eBay product upload services for eBay sellers globally. Are you looking for a way to reduce your operational expenses? Do you wish to begin selling you products on eBay for better revenue?

You have landed correctly if you are looking for the above. The most efficient way for increasing your growth exponentially is to focus on
core business and cut down your operational cost to minimum. You must consider outsourcing non core activities for your growth and saving time. eBay product Listing/Product Data Entry Services certainly qualify for this chunk as these processes are time consuming and it much better to outsource them for a better growth.

Aumtec Solutions is your preferred partner to outsource eBay product Listing/Product Data Entry Services. We have helped customers worldwide in managing their eBay stores in an accurate and result oriented manner. With us, you simply can sit and see the results by just a click of the mouse. We can help you with all services for maintaining your eBay store. We have expertise in areas like eBay product listings, eBay product description writing, eBay price comparison, eBay order processing, eBay product optimization/SEO, Our robust team has the ability to deliver cost effective and custom eBay Product Data Entry Services.

Having worked for global businesses in various domains across the industries, our eBay product data entry specialists have developed best practices for giving great results with accuracy. We have worked for a wide range of industries including apparels, electronic item, paintings, books, home decor, furniture, toys, high end gadgets or any other product. Our team is well versed with the latest product data upload tools like Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Blackthorne and others. As we are an ISO certified service provider, we keep the clients data with utmost secrecy.

eBay is the second most used marketplace after amazon. We have a well equipped and trained team capable of handling large volumes of data on eBay. We can convert your paper catalog into digital on eBay and help you beat your peers. Our eBay data entry specialists supports you in product listings including listing your products in correct categories, assigning product attributes, and taking care of bulk product uploads. We could also assist you with product description writing and image enhancement for your eBay store.

Aumtec Solutions offer you the complete suite of services related to your eBay data entry and eBay bulk upload Services with accuracy

eBay Product Data Entry:

Our highly skilled team of eBay Data Entry specialists  help you  put in vital information like product title, ID, model, description, images, price, sales price, ship weight, special offers, SKU or UPC, quantity, caption, manufacturer identity etc.

Creating eBay Product Attribute / Attribute Sets: We help you define attributes for your products, such as color, size, style, SKU number, additional cost if required.

Product Image Editing: We help you edit and enhance the images of your products to make it look appealing. Our eBay Product Image editing and uploading primarily includes:

  • Extracting pictures from digital catalogs
  • Image resizing for thumbnail, normal or zoom view as per the necessity

eBay Bulk Upload Services: eBay product listing services team at Aumtec Solutions is proficient at uploading bulk products along with product images in a quick turnaround time. We can upload your products in batches through CSV data feed file. Our eBay data entry experts can skillfully use bulk import and export tool for migrating large pieces of data. We can also abstract data from your manufacturers’ or vendors’ data feed.

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Why you should outsource eBay product listing to us ?

eBay product listing is the process where by your product details are entered into your product database in eBay. This includes keying in all the relevant information, meta tags, creating titles, attributes, sku, color, size, composition, product description and lot more. In addition, this includes editing the product images and uploading them in varied angles to make the catalog enticing for your customers as well as the search engines. Any mistake in entering information would directly affect your sales. Hence you need eBay data experts to do your product upload task, Our team of eBay data entry experts have enough experience of working with various eBay owners worldwide and we have maintained more than 100 online eBay stores which includes product listing and product optimization as well. We offer high quality of work along with best rates. Our team is well versed with all the eBay rules and regulations and we can also help you optimize your listings to help your products sell more.

What is eBay listing optimization ?

Once you list your products on eBay, you become one amongst the many who are already on eBay selling the same item. So how would you ensure that your products gets the edge. The answer is to optimize your eBay listings. Optimization means to list according to the search engines and this will help you listings to stand out and you will have better sales by investing a little in optimizing your listings. For optimizing your eBay listings, we take care of a lot of things like your title. We create attractive titles for your listings which fullfill the criteria of search engines. We also include and shuffle various keywords which again are an important part in searching on eBay. The next thing is enhancing your product images and have many images so that your images are also optimized and the customer has a better vision of your products. This in turn helps you in making your listings rank better. There are other things which we follow as a team for optimizing your eBay products listings. Most important of them is doing price comparison for you and helping you sell at competitive prices and writing unique and optimized product descriptions for you. Product descriptions and features hold the key. We ensure that your product descriptions are unique created and beautifully crafted for your audience as well as search engines. For your audience, we include enticing words and phrases to make it appealing and for search engines, we include the required keywords by doing research from SEO point of view. We also put our efforts for doing off page SEO activities for your eBay products which includes promoting your products on various social media platforms like facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter etc. It also involves link submission where we submit your product links on various sites including some directories, book marking sites, blog commenting, forums etc. We also write blog for your products and promote it so as to help you sell more online. In short, we offer comprehensive eBay store management task which includes eBay product upload, eBay data entry, eBay order processing, eBay price comparison, eBay product listings optimization,  eBay SEO.

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