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Amazon product listing services

Amazon is arguably the most popular marketplace and a golden sparrow for online sellers worldwide. For buyers, it unique as it provides the varieties of products at such a large scale found nowhere else. Everybody wish to increase their business by reaching out to more and more customers. What better than finding them on one online marketplace like amazon. But is it too easy to sell on amazon. Not at all. Here goes the saying that every rose has thorns. Bigger the marketplace, bigger the challenges and rules. Amazon is known for strict rules and procedures. Many sellers are debarred from selling as they do not follow the rules of amazon. Is there no way to sellers by which they can sell on amazon and not worry about the rules of product presentation and listing? Good news is that you can remain worryless by outsourcing the amazon product listing services  to us… You have Aumtec Soutions which can take care of your complete product database at amazon and will ensure that your products remain optimized and you don’t get penalized. We at Aumtec not only provide the product database management services, but also ensure that your product remain in the searched items by including the meta titles and descriptions and also optimizing them regularly. The way we display your products on does widely influence the buying decisions of many customers. We do maintain an organized and accurately categorised Amazon product listing along with enhancing your images for better visibility. is a one stop solution for all listing services. We will help you in uploading your products on amazon which is very time consuming task. You may focus on core aspects of your business by outsource the work to We have expertise in providing the product listing services to over 800 online stores globally which include the top brands as well. We have worked for almost all niche including lightening products, toys, beauty products, mobile accessories, furniture, apparels, clothing, automotive, tyres, bathroom fittings and a lot more. We not only do product uploading but also take care of other aspects including correct categorization of your items, feeding in all the other relevant data and writing optimized, crisp and unique product description together with finely edited and enhanced product images. Apart from these, we are experts at Amazon bulk product upload, order processing services, inventory management, data processing etc. Aumtec Solutions can be your perfect friend in increasing your business to a new level without you worrying for online data management or hiring at your end. You simply need to outsource the work to us and we will take care of all there by reducing your cost and saving your time.

Here are our key offerings for Amazon data uploading :

  • Amazon Catalog processing & Product Upload services 

    We at Aumtec Solutions provide our clients with quality Amazon product listing services, we upload the products by methodically categorizing them, and keying in all the product related information such as SKU, product ID, description and other attributes. We fetch this information from the manufacturer or by doing online research

  • Amazon Bulk Product Upload services: 

    If you want to go for bulk upload for your accout, Aumtec Solutions shall help you with Amazon’s Volume Listing Tools for bulk inventory management for your account. We would set up your inventory file and also chose a relevant template based on the product type.

  • Amazon Product Feed Creation:

    Our team at UAmtec  has also got enough expertise in setting up the appropriate parent/child or variant relationships for each of your items based on your product variations. We would clearly list the main item as the parent product (SKU), using the Variation Theme element, and would define in what manner ,the respective child SKUs vary (based on the particular size, color, style, count, etc.).

  • Amazon Product Image enhancement Services:

    Many people dont focus on images and they neglect the fact that Product images directly affect your sales. Here goes the saying “ It’s the cover that matters while selling a product “ A good and attractive image can pull a lot of clients to your doorstep while the reverse will take them away. Our experienced image editors at Aumtec will make your product images better placed and help you sell more products. We will also ensure the following :

  • Correct size and format of uploaded photos
  • Uploading the correct number of images for a product
  • Meet the amazon guideline for various products
  • Cropping the images for all products and parent child , to better suit the viewers
  • Option for zooming in the product images by visitors.
  • Amazon Inventory Management Services:

    Aumtec Solutions will not only help you with Amazon data upload services, but also keep you posted on your stock levels of your product. This allows you to accurately calculate the timeframe required for shipping any specific item to the customer.

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