X-Cart Product Data Entry Services

X-Cart Product Data Entry Services

You need to manage X cart product data entry services to get your store well populated and optimized. Out of the large number of eCommerce platforms available to online retailers for building their store on, X –cart is one the most user friendly and famous platforms among sellers globally. X-Cart is a flexible open source eCommerce platform with tons of features, great support and professional services that enable the merchants to grow their business and increase online sales. X- cart is an open source shopping cart software that gracefully handles more than 10 lakhs of SKU’s while still keeping your store fast.

There are more than 50,000 online stores around the globe using X-Cart as their ecommerce platform for their online ventures. X-Cart is a user as well as search engine friendly ecommerce platform and it is suitable for every size of business whether it is small, medium or large. The biggest advantage it has is that it is open source and it can handle large volumes of sku’s smoothly. This very quality makes it a preferred choice among the online retailers globally. Second, It is also search engine friendly which helps you in ranking your store little easily than otherwise.

Once you have your e-store ready on X-cart, you have one major task before you begin to make sales i.e to manage your product database on X-cart. This might seem to be a cake walk for a layman but every store owner would know that this is a task that needs specialization and this is also to be managed by experts on a continuous basis. At Aumtec Solutions, we offer X-Cart product management services with highest level of quality and quick turnaround time.

Our well-experienced and professional X-Cart data entry experts can upload products on your X-Cart store with utmost accuracy entering complete product details and also ensuring that your product catalog is in accordance to the industry standards so that you stay one step ahead of your competitors in online product sales. At Aumtec, We shall do all the required work such as writing the product descriptions to make them unique, entering product images from varied angles, editing, resizing and retouching the images wherever required, entering detailed product attributes like color, sizes, shipping weight, shipping method and product page meta tags etc. In short, we make sure that your online product catalog is complete in every sense and would have the capability to match the relevant search results. Your product pages should be informative in a sense that the customer get all the information of the product on it and he/she need not go to other vendor. Our X-cart data entry specialists can take information from any source like from manufacturer website, from online sources by researching, through scanned paper catalog or any other way. Aumtec has been proficient in gathering product information from range of sources such as manufacturer website, supplier or distributor website, printed catalogs, digitally shot images, digital PDF catalogs, etc. We could also help you upload products manually or in bulk by uploading csv.

What X-Cart Product Upload Services include?

X- cart product upload services includes a range of activities like data entry, data fetching, data mining, research work, image editing, product upload, content writing services etc. Aumtec Solutions has a rich experience of working on X-cart and our X-cart data experts are adept at managing your full range of product data management services. Given below are the services we offer as part of our X-cart product data entry services :

X-Cart Product listing

At Aumtec Solutions, our eCommerce data entry professionals are highly trained and sufficiently experienced to enter all product related information such as SKU, brand, name, description, features, price, manufacturers’ identity, captions, etc. into X-Cart database back-end with utmost precision and accuracy.

X-Cart Bulk Product Upload Services

We can help you in proving X-cart bulk product upload services by preparing a fully populated CSV for your store which can be used to upload bulk products into your X-cart backend.

Creating and Managing Categories

The e-commerce data experts at Aumtec Solutions are proficient in offering a good view of your products to your shoppers. We would create descriptive product categories or sub-categories and classify items into the right categories to ensure smooth ranking of your product pages.

Product Image Upload and Optimization

Most of the online buying decisions depend on the quality of your product images as it provides the shoppers with the virtual feel of the exact product. Hence, We at Aumtec Solutions could help you in enhancing your product images by correcting colors, removing background adjusting light or contrast, replacing backgrounds, adding borders or watermark, etc. Our graphic editors can resize your product images to match your requirements and to present it better.

X-Cart SEO Services

As a part of our X-Cart product upload services, we help you in optimizing your product pages for better search rankings. Our eCommerce SEO experts can make your product pages optimized by defining meta keywords and descriptions for all your product pages. Also, We shall write unique content and post blogs for promoting your products as part of our SEO services.

Back Office Support

Aumtec Solutions assist you with providing back end suppprt for managing and running your online business. We help you with full time back end jobs inventory management, order processing, research work, data entry, image editing, social media management, SEO etc.

Outsource X-Cart Product Data Entry Services to Aumtec

X-Cart product upload services team at Aumtec Solutions has worked for diverse industry products including, but not limited to bathroom accessories, apparels, sports cars, paintings, electronics, computer parts, toys, fancy lights, racing bikes, medical equipment, safety equipment, audio video, promotional items, etc. You would have the following advantage in outsourcing the product data entry tasks to Aumtec Solutions

  • Up to 60% saving on operational and infra cost
  • Access to a professional catalog processing team
  • Fast turnaround time and responsive team
  • Strict quality control system
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Status report of each task

At Aumtec, we take the initiative to spend sufficient time with each client to understand their specific requirements and thereafter initiating their projects. We assign dedicated English speaking Project Managers to your project who remain in touch with you and provide you status of your work and also handle any query from your end. Thereby, we make the communication process smooth. Get in touch now to request FREE TRIAL or sample work.

You can Contact US at any time with queries regarding your X-Cart product data entry services.