Challenges Faced in eCommerce Catalog processing and Management

Challenges Faced in eCommerce Catalog processing and Management

February 5, 2020 Manish

Catalog processing is the pivot around which your e-commerce growth revolves. If you own your own e-commerce store,  managing and updating your product catalog is a very important yet time taking task for your business growth. You need to be on your toes while managing and updating your product data continuously as your sku’s need to placed across multiple eCommerce channels to place the products in front of a better crowd for more sales. As this task is cumbersome and time taking and it needs constant care, the online merchants tend to compromise with less than standard product information which negatively impacts their product sales.

Presenting you the list of the most common challenges faced by merchants in managing their product catalogs:

Constant Product updating

Many times, the sku’s need to be updated on a continuous basis for the ease of business and customers. This may include changes in price and other updations including features. This also includes new product addition to the online catalog. The continuous need of product management may lead to a mismatch of product information and other minute errors leading to big issues hampering your revenue.

Selling Across Multiple Channels

Apart from populating your product data on your eCommerce website, as a seller, you would be tempted to sell on eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Alibaba, Houzz etc. Managing your product database on all these marketplaces can be very difficult to manage. Specially when giants like amazon have unique listing rules than others.

Therefore it becomes essential to get a good understanding of all the channels before listing and managing your products on each of them respectively. This means spending a lot of time and money to manage that in house. Otherwise, this often leads to doing the work in a hassle leading to errors and loss of revenue directly. From the customer’s point of view, a less maintained product catalog forces them to choose another seller.

Outsourcing product listings can save your time and resources and allow you to concentrate more on your core business operations like marketing and sales etc. Undertaking catalog processing services helps you to get industry experts at a low cost saving you money and also helping you better listings and product optimization.

Supplier’s Data inconsistency

Supplier data may be sometimes inconsistent with your requirements as suppliers tend to use many short forms. Therefore dealing with the supplier’s data is a tedious task many a time and it can cause you unnecessary delay.

Adding Products constantly

You may be required to constantly add more sku’s to your store to make it fully populated. This needs that your product catalog is managed smoothly and categorized properly. Not doing so would make your catalog look messy and it then becomes difficult to add more sku’s smoothly. Therefore, you may need a well-experienced team to add your products continuously to your catalog and also optimize your listings to make you sell more.

How To Tackle These Challenges?

Instead of keeping the product management tasks to yourself and facing the above issues, you can follow the shoes of other eCommerce sellers globally. That is you can outsource the product data management work for your eCommerce business and focus on other areas of your business. First, it will save you valuable time and money as outsourcing is cheap compared to in house person hiring and second, it saves you infrastructure cost needed for IT work, Third, because outsourcing companies have been working in this field hence you get expert’s services for your work who are constantly updated about the new changes/updating in various marketplaces rules. Hence it helps you multifold to outsource your product listing and data management task to a reliable service provider. This will keep your operational cost in check as you will get an offshore team working for you at a lower cost and doing all the tedious tasks with excellence for you.

Aumtec Solutions helps online sellers seamlessly process their product catalog through its fast, accurate, cost-effective eCommerce data and content services, including product listing services and managing their merchandise across multiple platforms, e-commerce catalog processing and data cleansing, product data enrichment and other data management tasks.

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