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Our Data Processing Services

Data processing is the act of complete data operations including capturing raw data in any format, processing it electronically in the desired format, data conversion and data analysis, and then presenting the data in a visually appealing format for business use. Data processing involves a set of data operations combined in a thread to accomplish the data task as per the need of an organization.

Whether you are a small company or a giant, start-up or settled, you know the importance of data conversion and data processing to your business. With rising staff payouts, overheads, and infrastructural expenses, outsourcing your data processing needs to India might just be the way to scale your business in the easiest possible way.

From Small- medium and large-sized businesses, you get a lot of companies who offer data processing services these days. So, you need to chose the best option for you. Let us define our services:

We are a leading data processing Services company, based in India. We have a talented team of data persons to process huge volumes of data. With a decade of international exposure, and more than 250 FTE's, we are best suited to handle any kind of data processing project, and offer an array of data processing services such as-

1. Data Deduplication Services

We offer data deduplication services that include data purging, data comparison, data matching, data integration, database deduplicating, and data merging, etc.

2. Forms Processing Services

We can do the form processing work with great accuracy. We can process payroll forms, market research forms, order forms, bankers’ cheques, insurance claims forms, credit card application forms, and health claim forms, among several others.

3. Order Processing Services

We can process your order manually or through tools. We have worked on several software like ordoro and we can easily process lakhs of orders smoothly while maintaining 99% accuracy. We have worked on both processes fort order processing, one being processing on the site and the other being raising the PO. We can process your eCommerce orders with great accuracy and help you get rid of this work and rather focus on sales.

4. Image Processing Services

We can process images according to the client's needs. Our image processing array is quite wide and we can edit and process the images in any format.

5. Student Loan Processing Services

We offer student loan processing services including student loan information checking, creating student accounts, and posting documents, etc.

6. Data Mining Services

We can do data mining for you in any way like extracting the data from an online search, paper catalog, PDF files, or any other software you may have. We can extract the relevant data for your use.

7. Data Cleansing Services

We are an ISO 9001:2015certified service provider offering data cleansing services in the most effective way. If you are struggling with “unclean” data which requires to be cleansed and refined, we can do it for you with ease.

8. Insurance Claims Processing

Our insurance claims processing services are custom-tailored as per your needs and we offer an optimal mix of people and technology to help you improve your processing speed and accuracy.

9. Market Research Forms Processing

We can help you in extracting the information from forms and converting it into digital format. The forms may be paper catalogs scanned through.

10. Insurance Claims Processing

We can process checks received, scanning of the checks to extract critical account information, transaction validation, etc.

11. Credit Card Processing Services

We provide credit card data processing services to global clients, including credit card authorization checks, payment processing systems, billing services, credit card fraud detection, and cash management services.

12. Survey Processing Services

We offer extensive survey data processing services extensive which include things like survey designing, survey set-up, survey implementation, survey reporting, and survey data analysis.

13. Litigation Services

We offer end-to-end data processing including document scanning, processing, indexing, data entry, data check, deduplication, etc

14. Mailing List Compilation Services

If you want to extract the data for mailing list compilation to boost your sales, we are here to help you create a relevant and exhaustive mailing list.

15. SKU Data Management Services

We can enter the SKU data correctly and categorize them to help you improve your eCommerce sales.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing to Aumtec Solutions

We are a leading data processing services company and can offer automatic data processing and online data processing services to clients globally. We have worked for a variety of clients and have helped them in data processing and management services in the past decade. Our clients value our work and strive to maintain ongoing business relations with us. Organize, Manage and efficiently utilize your data information by outsourcing data processing services to Aumtec Solutions. Aumtec Solutions is a reliable and trustworthy data entry outsourcing destination, with a varied client base and state of the art infrastructure.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing data and information processing tasks to Aumtec are as follows-
  • Cost-effective Prices
  • You can easily save 70-80% of your costs by outsourcing the task to us. You can quality work at low prices.

  • High-quality Services
  • We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization and make use of multi-level quality checks processes to ensure that you always receive the most accurate results. We spend time on understanding the client requirement and over a period of time, make the system automated

  • Great Infrastructure
  • Our data processing specialists sit in offices that offer seamless connectivity, high-powered broadband connection, and a great working environment among other things. This all makes sure that they have required infra for doing great work

  • Data Security
  • We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified firm and maintain your data with utmost secrecy. All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement with us

  • Turnaround Time
  • We stick to deadlines and it defines our business.

  • Large-volume Data Processing
  • We have the bandwidth to manage a huge volume of work and accommodate big teams to manage your data processing needs.

  • Various Formats Supported
  • We support almost all formats for data processing services. We accept the data in paper catalogs, images, scanners, forms, etc. We have the necessary tools for processing data from any format and present it.

  • Unstructured Data Extraction
  • We perform data extraction from unstructured content to build a pool of great information sources for the client.

Khristine Brown, UAE

Aumtec Solutions is an expert team in product upload and management. They have meticulously added all the products to my store and categorized them perfectly. Their team is wonderful and I really liked working with them. They have provided me a dedicated team of data persons and processed thousands of products in a week sometimes to meet the demands. I recommend Aumtec Solutions to you for reliable eCommerce services for your store.

Institute Finance

Great service. They are a wonderful team. The helped our company in digital marketing and helped us triple our leads. Really great and nice team to work with

Estafania Alvarez, Dubai

We are based in Dubai. Aumtec Solutions is a wonderful team for outsourcing data entry work. Our work was complex and involved web research, data input and enrichment. They have been doing it exceptionally well. I could not think of a better service than this. I am extremely happy to find Aumtec as an outsourcing partner in my data entry needs. They are handling a big data abstraction project for us very smoothly and the regular communication is up to the mark. I strongly recommend them to other companies having outsourcing data entry needs. I bet you would like working with them.

Vision Academy, New Delhi

Great Team and deep knowledge. They have really helped us triple our business with effective Digital Marketing Services. They are handling our complete digital marketing solutions and we are happy to find them as our partner. Highly recommended.

Viraj Patel, Entrepreneur, UK

Excellent work in product listing and image editing. Very good value and responsive team. English speaking. Highly recommend.

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