How Businesses Can Utilize the Global Lock Down Phase to Their Advantage?

Outsource Data Entry Services


It is most unfortunate that the world is facing a deadly pandemic and more than 50% of world population is under complete lock down. People cannot run their business neither can they meet outsider. It would certainly impact the global business and economic slowdown is inevitable. But for preventing human lives, any economic slowdown does not mean much. The question which many business owners have in mind at this crucial juncture is could they do anything to utilize this time for some sort of business activity which helps them in future. The answer to the above question is Yes, you can still grow your business in these tough times.

What to do at this situation?

On one hand, you can hardly acquire new clients at this point of time and your team cannot gather at one place, on the other hand, it gives you opportunity to sit back and analyse different aspect of your business and make some critical decisions and work out the best strategy to roll out for your team. When businesses are suffering, it is worth noting that online orders are on the rise as people want all commodities to be delivered at their doorstep. Rightly so as no one wish to risk their lives. So, it presents the business owners with a great opportunity to market themselves and sell their products even more. The sale of daily use and essential items online have soared up in the last few days and the businesses which have already done hard work in promoting themselves online are reaping the most benefits.

Opt for Digital Marketing for your Business

If you don’t have a good digital marketing for your business, its time to seriously consider having one and aggressively promoting your business. Having a good digital marketing team would always help you in generating revenue. Finding a decent outsourcing partner for different areas of your business such as Data Entry, Data processing, eCommerce Product listing management, Digital Marketing, Facebook and YouTube promotion etc, is the most productive task you can do in this critical hour. All this would help you outsource your non core activities to a dedicated team of professionals working for you at a lower price. That way, you not only save money but also ensure that you have an ongoing work at this stage as well. Most of the outsourcing companies are working even at this moment and ensuring that the clients’ online needs are fulfilled at a time when offline business is on a halt.

What eCommerce Store Owners can do ?

If you are an eCommerce owner and you have a lot of product information to be uploaded and managed on various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Etsy etc. or on your e-commerce store based on Shopify, Volusion, 3d cart, Magento, Zen cart, Big Commerce , Open Cart etc, you may finalize the outsourcing partner for doing these things so that you utilize the best of this global lockdown. In this way, you get a golden opportunity to focus on finding the right offshore partner for your non core activities which might otherwise have been delayed due to busy schedule of yours.

This is the time to build a responsible outsourcing business team which will take care of your essential but non core back end activities like data management, data entry, product upload management, SEO services, mailing and chatting services and much more. Time greets them who convert challenges into opportunities.

The services you should outsource at this junction are as follows : Data entry and data management, Data mining, Data processing, Data input, eCommerce data management, Digital marketing, Blog writing, Facebook and YouTube promotion etc.

How outsourcing the data entry services to remote team would help you?

Outsource Data Entry Services

As an organization, it is imperative to manage huge volumes of business data online and offline. This acts as a challenge as it is a job that requires immense concentration and eats a lot of time. This takes dedicated employees working for data entry and management which increase the expenditure of your organization. There are other issues like acquiring the right technology, creating infrastructure and hiring employees. All this time can be saved if you find the right off shore outsourcing partner for your data needs. It would ensure that you save more than 45% of your operational cost as outsourcing is cheaper and it also saves your valuable time which could be utilized for core business areas. Moreover, it helps you access the latest tools and equipments, infrastructure and best in class talent pool at very affordable prices.

Outsourcing your business process actually implies outsourcing a portion of your headache and stress to a well qualified team and saving a lot more than what can be described in terms of money.

Business Process you must consider outsourcing:

Data entry : Data entry is the core requirement of any business in this modern era. Every document/collateral/catalog needs to be digital which requires entering a lot of data regularly in various software’s and managing these files meticulously for smooth data operations for the business needs. The importance of analysing/managing and using business data is felt more than ever as the past two decades have highlighted the use of intelligent data to automate business processes.

Data was always important but the way it is used by business to analyze and get the best results over the past two decades have made the scholars conclude that data is the new asset for business. If it is properly managed, it leads to tremendous return on investment.

Data intelligence is the need of the hour for all business. For ensuring this, you need a dedicated data team at optimal cost to do your data entry and management tasks. This would mean that your business data is gathered and entered precisely and you get the most returns from it. The question which many people have in mind is that ” Do we need any person to guide and track the offshore data team. If yes, how does it save our time and cost”. The answer to this is here.

When an outsourcing team starts working for you, you need to tell them the scope of work, and may be need to check their work for first 10 days so that the team understands your requirement fully and once the work is smooth, you hardly need to intervene and you can simply check the data at the time of your convenience. Hence, you don’t need to guide the team always. Its only a matter a first couple of weeks to get the work automated. Second point is most important, even if one of your resources is spending a few hours in checking the data/ coordinating with the team, still you save the time of production and cost of data executives. It simply implies that if you need three persons at your end, for your data entry needs daily, one of whom would check and pass instructions; other two would do the core task. While outsourcing, you need only one SPOC at your end, that too only for a few hours. Hence, you save cost and time of two employees as your outsource the task at lower price. Hence, outsourcing business process is highly advantageous and businesses globally are adhering to it for best results.

Your data entry needs may vary from online data scrapping/mining, keying in the data into CRM/ERP, excel, word, power point, or any other software. It may also include data scanning and input services, data analytics, data processing etc. All this can be meticulously done by your outsourcing partner.

Data input : Data input is defined as the act of inputting various forms of data in different file formats. The data may either need to be inputted online or offline. The data input services requires dedicated staff of professionals doing it with concentration.

data processing

Data management

Data management is a wider term which includes data mining, data entry, data analytics to be used for the purpose of studying  client behavior and forming the organization’s strategy.

Data Analytics

Data analytics implies to analyze the business data to draw sure conclusions. This helps you to get a constant update on how your business is going and which policies to adopt and which to reject.

PDF to Word/Excel Conversion

You may know that you need to manually manage and create word files or excel file from images/ PDF. This can be surely done better by an outsourcing partner saving your time and money.

Forms data entry

Processing the online and offline forms and entering the details precisely is an important task for many organizations. It is always recommended to have a quality outsourcing team working for you doing the forms data entry task with accuracy and cross checking it.

Accounting data entry

If you are an accounting firm/company, you would be aware that entering tons of accounting data into the system on a daily basis takes lot of your time and impacts your overall efficiency for your core business. Therefore, it is advisable to follow what millions others are already doing i.e to find the right outsourcing team to do your accounts data entry. It gives you the much needed space to look back at your business operations and improve your clientele.

Invoice processing

Processing invoices on a regular basis eats up your quality time which could rather be spent on increasing your core business. The work is better outsourced for decreasing cost and saving time.

Image data entry

Data entry from images is an important part and it takes dedicated resources to scrap and enter data from various images online or offline. If you find the right offshore team to do the task for you, you would shot multiple targets with one arrow as it would help you with better time management, time saving for core operations, reduced cost, effective team management, reduced overheads, reduced worry for hiring the necessary talent etc. All this can be taken care of by your outsourcing partner when you pay it a very reasonable cost per month.

Online data mining

Data mining implies to collect a target business data. It involves having required domain knowledge, doing research and then copying the required information in word/excel files. This again is a challenge for business owners as it requires dedicated data persons which can be best handled if you outsource these business operations.

Website data scrapping

Taking data/ any particular information from targeted sites is an important requirement in doing competitor analysis, brand placing, etc. The work can be superbly managed by outsourcing to a reliable remote service provider.

Insurance claims data entry

Insurance claims requires you to enter the data into the forms which is highly time consuming and increase your costs as well. Outsourcing such tasks would again prove to be a game changer for your business as you get more time at your disposal and reduced costs

E-Commerce data entry

eCommerce is new buzz word for the world and eCommerce data entry services is not everyone’s cup of tea as it involves complex things and more platform knowledge than the normal data entry. It involves entering the key product details, Product price, attributes and much more into the eCommerce platform. There is unison in the whole world that such works are better outsourced because of experts guidance needed to make correct product feed.

E-commerce product upload management

If you are eCommerce store owner, uploading products into an online store’s product database is tedious and time consuming process. You can simply outsource the product uploading and content management services to reliable outsourcing partner and enjoy the best in class services at affordable prices.

E-commerce product optimization

Products entered into the online store need optimization so that they rank on top pages while searched for. The product optimization involves a lot of factors like creating required title, description, meta tags, image optimization, and doing off page SEO activities. All this is a time taking and on going task which is recommended to be outsourced. For one, you get expert’s help and second, you save your time spend in hiring and guiding a person.

Amazon and marketplace management

Who is not aware of giant eCommerce marketplace, Amazon. But you may know, managing products and inventory on Amazon for a layman is as tough as it is for a software engineer to repair an Air conditioner. This because of tough guidelines of amazon and a lot many attribute options. So it is always advisable to business owners to outsource their Amazon and other marketplaces management task to reliable outsourcing service providers.

Content writing : “Content is the real king” in the online world. Or for that matter, in offline marketing as well. Quality content attracts your customers and appeals to search engines. Have beautiful and well crafted content for your products/ services and build your brand value.

Product description Writing : Product descriptions should be crisp and attractive. In addition, they should be comprehensive and appealing to search engines as well. Having a well presented product descriptions would make your product sell more.

Image editing/ Photo enhancement

If you are in eCommerce, real estate, wedding, jewelry, Photography etc, you may know that you would need to retouch and enhance a lot of your product images on a daily/monthly basis to keep up with your task. Its hectic of job done in house. Rather, outsource the image editing services to reliable offshore image editing service providers. You would get the image retouching done in reasonable rates and would save your time as well. You can get image editing services like image masking, image background removal, image retouching, image enhancing etc. under one roof.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is required by all businesses. What better than finding a virtual graphic designer sitting offshore providing you quality services at affordable price. In graphic designing, you should focus on quality banners, images for mailers, websites, brochures, and other collateral.

Digital Marketing

Without a quality digital marketing team in place, you cannot grow your business online. If you have an online store, you must have a dedicated digital marketing team working for you. Things you should consider while outsourcing the digital marketing services for your business : Experience, Knowledge of the working of search engines, back link strategy, content strategy, on page and off page methods, SMO etc.


You must work on the three aspects of digital marketing in parallel including paid advertisement and non paid organic work to get the most for your business.

Facebook/Youtube promotion

Facebook and you tube promotion is the trend of the day. Consider promoting your business through paid and non paid ways on various social media platform like Facebook. It ensures that your business gets the required traffic through non organic ways.

Blogging/ Journals

Blogging is very important part of online promotion. Writing quality blogs about your business offerings and posting the blogs on various blog sites globally is a great way to achieve organic traffic to your posts.

PPT/PDF creation

PPT’s form the important part of a business. Creating a good Presentation and submitting on various submission and bookmarking sites would improve visitors to your business website resulting in improved conversions.

Infographics Creation

You need quality and attractive infographics to attract more and more customers through design and creativity. Regularly creating infographics and uploading the same on various global platforms is an important task and it should be outsourced to reduce the cost and get result oriented services.

The list includes some non core business operations which, if outsourced to a reliable outsourcing company, would save you cost and money. Also, it would give you a rich talent pool to work with. Some of the reports published by big business names indicate that Business Process Outsourcing saves more than 45-55 % of the organizational expenses and it helps the company boost their growth. As many as 40% of global business are in one way or the other, taking help of outsourcing companies and fueling their business growth by finding a reliable team.

To sum up, at this hour of global panic and shock following the deadly attack of COVID-19 pandemic, you should be alert but not despaired, you should stay at home but still can earn by tactful decisions. This time can be utilized by you for beating your peers in eCommerce. Say for example, when the business reopens fully after a couple of months, you start generating more leads than your competitor. This can be done just by being proactive and believing that this time of crisis can also be utilized for IT works including populating your product database, managing your online store, digital promotions, brand placement etc. This may well be the much deserved time you needed for refocusing on your business processes and efficiently analysing them.

Partner with reliable outsourcing team !

If you wish to find a good and reliable outsourcing team to manage your online business, catalog processing, digital marketing, data entry, image editing, content writing, eCommerce store management, inventory management etc, Aumtec Solutions will be glad to be your partner in this journey. Get in touch now by mailing to us at or join us on Skype ( with your needs and we shall get back to you with the proposal for your business.

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