eCommerce product data entry services

eCommerce product data entry services

April 7, 2018 Manish

While ecommerce companies have been booming all over the world in last decade, key challenge remains for them is to project the data in a systematic and clear manner to the ever increasing online buyers. Managing the eCommerce product data entry services in online business is a key factor in determining your success in this competitive age of ecommerce. You may have a few or thousands of products on your store arranging which in correct format is the key to improve your sales. “ Sales depend on visibility “ goes the saying. Its not only about adding your product catalog to your store rather its about how effectively and qualitatively you can add. You need to enter the correct categories, meta data, relevant keywords and much more for ensuring correct listing.

Why you should outsource

Outsourcing ecommerce product entry services helps clients save quality time to spend it in sales and it will also allow you to save 50% of your costs. Then outsourcing companies will take care of the mammoth task of managing your product catalogs and you can simply reap the benefits of good sales. Enriching the content always helps in putting your data in ecommerce store to sell more. Content enrichment should be done through good outsourcing partners. Writing crisp and quality content also helps you in organic SEO for your product pages.

Benefits of outsourcing data entry

It saves cost of the business as it is a tedious and time consuming task. You can utilize the same time for growing the other aspects of business. Second, all the work may be done without worrying for paying team in house as this could eat up a lot of time.  It also means that your work would be done by expert professionals. While outsourcing make sure that they know the following :

  • Product data entry
  • Manual data entry
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Numeric/text data entry
  • Mailing list compilation
  • Data mining and data entry
  • Remote data entry
  • Logistics data entry

We at Aumtec solutions will take care of your catalog management work and will help you save your time and cost. We have worked for more than 800 brands globally and helped them in data management services. Simply sit back and outsource your data management work to Aumtec Solutions.

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