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7 Digital Marketing Strategies of Aumtec Solutions to Unleash productivity of Startups

The concept of marketing has changed rapidly over the past few years. Some marketers even believe that marketing strategies have changed faster in the last couple of years than ever. If you have a great idea to start up a business, you have got a team to help and the funds ready, donít think that you have got everything to succeed in the business.

Startup marketing has always been a different science altogether. And by now, you know that digital marketing is the primary way to survive and expand a business in the global arena. Aumtec Solutions is going to help you choose the right path from the beginning so that your business does not shut down in the initial years owing to your ignorance of digital marketing needs.

Let us take you through some of our strategies that will not only establish the brand in the market but will also make sure that your unique ideas donít fail due to the lack of expertise in marketing solutions.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. You can consider this type of digital marketing as a close replica of influencer marketing. It relies on how the marketing campaign influences people to boost sales.

    • We recruit affiliates for the brand who will add to the leads. These affiliates can be salespersons working on a commission basis. You get to decide the commission percentage and the nature of the payment.
    • This can go a long way in making the brand more popular in the market. As more affiliates promote the brand, the target customers will feel that the popularity must be increasing day by day.
    • And as most business owners know, potential customers always like to buy products that have or seem to have high popularity in the market.

  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. We can't stop discussing the role of SMO in the digital marketing process these days. You may say that SMO has become one of the most crucial aspects of marketing campaigns.

    • We first create the perfect profiles for your brand with complete information about the nature of the business.
    • Regular publishing matters a lot when you are trying to market the products or services through social media. Informative content on your profile will always engage the interested audience.
    • We can offer free reports, rials, or eBooks time-to-time for making people aware of your presence.
    • Being responsible is our ultimate motto. We reply to every inquiry and message on behalf of the company so that the interested customers always know that the company is working all along and will never stop catering to the needs of the customers.

    As we already said, it's the trust factor that can maximize your sales.

  5. Email marketing
  6. If you ask us for cost-effective techniques for growing the company, we would always suggest email marketing. You will be surprised and glad to know that still now, email marketing is the strategy that offers maximum ROI in digital marketing.

    This can act pretty well for the startups, especially when our team of experts is working behind to get you going at a high speed.

    • We don't prefer waiting till the launch of the business to spread the word. Why don't we create some real interest? Let's notify all the interested users about the launch with some kind of coming soon or launching soon template.
    • We build an email list by applying beta testing for the tools or products.
    • We also try to build an effective email by offering free trials, demos, and pdfs.

    We have experts on our team who just know what to do with the email market plans for the best results.

    • We prefer using catchy and attractive titles to increase the rate of email opening.
    • Simple and precise message- that's our key to successful email marketing.
    • We don't prefer a direct tone of selling. We just try to inform the benefits of your service or product to the email receivers. We can also inform how the service or product can be helpful to niche customers.

    We know that our job is to create the funnel by opening up the conversations. As we share important content with them through email, the subscribers won't feel like unsubscribing. Additionally, we don't send more messages to irritate the subscribers.

  7. Search Engine Marketing
  8. We can't deny the importance of Search Engine Marketing as we plan digital marketing strategies. Ans this is our top suggestion while dealing with the startups. It is the way to get instant results. We go a step ahead with special touch including

    • Creation of high-a quality landing page for your website with strong call-to-actions
    • We avoid overcharging by capping and limiting the budget.
    • We prefer using Google Pixel for re-targeting.
    • Our expertise is in choosing the accurate keywords to target.

    As SEM campaigns are good at exhausting your budget, it is better to hire us as our experience and expertise will help you to get maximum results from the considerable investment.

  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. This will come right at the top of the chart when you request a cost-effective digital marketing plan. Every startup should always concentrate on SEO as it can give you major exposure to global potential customers.

    • The process helps in both customer acquisition and retention
    • Increasing your organic reach is one of the best outcomes of this process.
    • You become a reputable brand in no time.
    • The top-ranking pages on the SERP will always gain more authority and trust automatically.

    SEO is undoubtedly a challenging game. So you need Aumtec Solutions to steer clean through the rough stretches. Hiring us will be the best decision if you donít want to shut down in a few years.

  11. Content marketing
  12. Using the content for growing the business can be the perfect strategy for any startup company. Content marketing can actually generate triple the leads that the paid search can generate. So, you cant ask for a cheaper or more effective strategy for business.

    Content marketing always gives long-lasting results that will aid in SEO and SMO. But it will certainly take some time to see the outcome. Donít expect an immediate surge in the sales figure. But the surge in the traffic will rise sooner.

    • The process is highly effective.
    • It is always cheaper than the paid adds.
    • We can utilize them for creating a buzz for the startup brands.
    • It aids in building trust and authority for your company.

    Contents can make people understand your depth of knowledge as well as make people aware of the benefits of your product.

  13. Referral marketing
  14. When we know that you have started a business, growing the customer base is our chief concern initially. And nothing can be better than referral marketing in this phase.

    Your customers will become the sellers. They will refer the products to other people and in exchange for that, they get a handsome discount or reward for each conversion. This process of marketing is very impactful as the customers know that:

    • Any customer will refer to a brand only when the brand is good, and the product is satisfactory
    • None can ignore that rewards are always tempting

    Thus, referral marketing can get you higher on the chart.

Applying the right strategies

The above discussion must have helped you to perceive our role in establishing your business in the startup phase. We encourage users with practical and beneficial information about the product instead of telling them to buy.

We are a call away!

Trust us, with 11 years of expertise on the domain, Aumtec Solutions gives you the assured result for your successful venture. Get associated with us today.

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