Why chose BigCommerce platform for your online business?

Why chose BigCommerce platform for your online business?

November 14, 2019 Manish

The first challenge ecommerce owners face worldwide is to decide their ecommerce platform for building their business website, finding the one that would support both their company’s needs and budget as well. For this, a template-based platform like BigCommerce becomes the ideal choice for a large number of sellers. There is a reason why big commerce has been ranked number 1 ecommerce platform for second consecutive year globally. Why it has been the preferred choice for such a large number of people globally? This is because BigCcommerce design and development is cost-effective, faster, and easy-to-use than others. We would discuss in this article what advantages you get when you chose big commerce platform for your online business.


Price is the number 1 factor in deciding the various aspects of online business as you as an owner have a lot to invest on and rather than investing big on the platform, it is better to save money for better product data management on your store and sales. Hence it is essential for merchants to look for a platform which offers best functionalities in optimal prices. BigCommerce is among the most affordable platforms out there, for both short and long term.

First, the startup cost is much lower than it is for other e-commerce platforms like Magento. This makes it a perfect choice for eCommerce retailers who are in the process of growing their business online.

Because it is cheap and provides efficient functions, It saves money during a time while the companies can build their revenue, data and customer base, Hence, big commerce saves you money in the initial phase.

Now coming to the long term prospect, BigCommerce is extremely cost-efficient throughout the website development process. You require very minimal customization and development with big commerce as most of the features are already built into the templates, and developers need to work around the existing frame. Hence it saves you a lot of money and time when you first start your website. Instead you can spend your money in managing your product catalog on the big commerce store and writing unique product descriptions for your products so that your catalog is well searched and easy for people to see which will directly impact your sales.


In the modern world, time is money and this is correctly so as the world is fast paced. So creating your website two months earlier mean you have potentially more clients at your doorstep than otherwise. Online business starts giving results only after your site is ready and your catalog is properly entered, An online retailer’s site doesn’t begin to generate revenue until it goes live, which means that an awaited development process translates to lost revenue. For this reason, it’s recommended that eCommerce retailers get their starter site—up as quickly as possible so that they can start generating revenue, and building a strong customer base. With BigCommerce, this is easy to achieve, because of its template-based structure, the basic pages of an eCommerce site—like home page, product categories, product pages, about us, and blog— can be up and running in a matter of few weeks rather than months. Further, all extensions and applications can be easily selected and installed. This means more efficiency, faster growth, and increased scalability of your online business.

Ease of Use

BigCommerce development is relatively easy and less complex .From a developer’s perspective, the responsive template-based structure makes the development work much more easy to manage and straightforward than it would otherwise be: they don’t have to manipulate the back-end of the site at all, and they can essentially just import all of the site’s data into the pre-existing templates.

After the site is developed, eCommerce retailers can easily maintain it on their own and add to it as necessary. Why?:

  • First, many “extra” things that must be included in an eCommerce site— like security implementations and PCI compliance— come standard in BigCommerce, meaning that eCommerce retailers can easily implement all of these necessities on their own. On other platforms, these implementations can be much more complicated, requiring the help of an agency to make sure that their site is completely secure and compliant.
  • Along the same lines, features that increase revenue and conversions—like single-page checkout, social media integration and abandoned cart recovery programs— can essentially be downloaded with a click on BigCommerce.This means that site owners can analyze their data and incorporate these extensions on their own when the need arises. On other platforms, such features need to be custom-coded and integrated by professional developers, which take more cost and time
  • Finally, once the site is live, most of the tasks, changes can be easily managed by the owner without much hassle. This is because the admin panel in BigCommerce is extremely user-friendly, requiring no specific training or instruction.

To sum up, BigCommerce allows eCommerce retailers to get their websites off the ground quickly and smoothly offering full features at low cost and maintenance. So quickly get your e-commerce web development going without worrying.

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