Amazon Product Listings: How to list for good ranking?

Amazon product listing is one the key aspects of your amazon sales. The listed product defines you and your company in the eCommerce world. Most eCommerce sellers feel content crafting a perfect product listing for their store but fail to ensure that it is in accordance with the search engine rules or algorithm. This is true for a large number of sellers. In fact, this makes a key difference in becoming a giant seller on amazon or remaining in shadow of your peers. You must take care in optimizing your amazon product listings with keywords, so as to make them rank higher in search results, together with this, if your copy is not enticing for the visitors, it won’t do you any good either. Hence it is required to keep both the aspects in mind before managing amazon product listing services. Making the product attractive is one thing and making it Search engine friendly is another. You cannot lose on any of them.

Here is the solution to handle this challenge. There are some elements, four, to be precise, which when worked upon, could help you strike a balance, and ensure that both the search engines and your audience find your listings perfect. Given Below is the list of things you need to take care of while adding amazon listings

  • SEO-driven keywords

You can begin by including targeted keywords in your product title, but do make sure you don’t go overboard. In fact, you should be focused on the most essential keywords only, more so because over-stuffing of keywords is going to harm you. It would defeat the very purpose of optimizing the amazon product listings in the first place? Also, you should try and distribute your keywords evenly. For example, placing them after every 100 to 200 words would be fine. And yes, feel free to use the variations, if any. Take, for example, the phrase such as, “ladies handbags”. By including keywords like “handbags for ladies” and “Female handbags,” “Girls handbag” you can boost a listing’s visibility, and increase your reach to a far wider audience.

  • Good and optimized product descriptions

“Content is King” goes the saying in online world. The more elaborate your descriptions are, the better they’ll perform. But then, don’t keep beating around the bush or, make unnecessary claims. You may be able to grab the audience’s attention in short term, but it would harm you in the long run. Not to mention, if the buyers chose to file an Amazon A-to-Z claim, you risk increasing the seller order defect rate (ODR). Coming to the quality of descriptions, they should highlight the features that’ll solve the buyers’ pain. Let’s say, if you sell a mobile phone, with the latest version of Bluetooth, Merely naming the Bluetooth version won’t serve you any purpose, and the buyers would want to know if the above version would help them connect their phones to the nearby devices. More importantly, the descriptions should cover important keywords and it should be properly highlighted.

  • User-friendly formatting

The key here is to keep the key features at the top and use bullet points to highlight them. First impression is the indeed the last one, specifically when the buyers flip through your listings. We say “flip” as with millions of listings on the marketplace, they can’t be expected to read each of them, word by word. On that note, they would simply check the first bullet point you use, and move on to the next listing, if they don’t like what they see. So, you need to place your product’s best attributes in the very first bullet to draw the attention of visitors. Get an Amazon product management expert team to do it for you, if you don’t want to commit mistakes. Then you should always go for “all caps”, at least for the most important features. Lastly, do make sure you keep the bullet points short.

  • Attention-grabbing images

High resolution images affect your product pages ranking in great manner. You should always follow Amazon’s recommendation of using pictures that are at least 1,000 pixels in height or width. And by all means, include multiple photos, making up for the lack of physical interaction and presenting virtual reality, A little bit of enhancement of photos will make them more suitable for better customer experience thereby will improve your sales. Images play a vital role while managing your amazon product listing services.

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