Why It Is The New Normal To Outsource Data Entry Services For Better Growth?

Why It Is The New Normal To Outsource Data Entry Services For Better Growth?

March 6, 2020 Manish

Data Entry Services forms the core of any organization - big or small. Data is the most critical part of any organization. Data refers to the digital records in any form which may contain any records like the patient information, accounts book, clients details, etc. Basically, it is imperative for the success of any business that its data is kept securely and should be accessible when needed. The challenge here is how to manage the ever increasing data in required format and fetch it when needed for business use. Properly organizing the business data not only helps in client retention but also helps in acquiring new clients and making proper system of business process. As goes the saying that data is the oil for business. That correctly explains the importance of correct data inputting and capturing.

Data can be of any form. It depends on the type of business and the scope of work. For example, keeping patients records is a form a data entry services required for the medical hospitals and clinics. For accounting firms, they need to handle large volumes of data on a daily basis. For this, they need a team to do this task and keep all records diligently. Estimation by various companies suggest that data entry operational cost goes as high as 50-55% in most organizations which has made the experts believe that although initially it was called a non core business activity, its worth to be called core business operation . But anyways, data entry and management is a specialised work that needs a proper team to do this and as it eats up time, money and resources, companies are hunting for ways to find an optimal way to manage their data by focussing more on sales and marketing. Outsourcing provides exactly that and that why most emerging companies have found their perfect solution in outsourcing the data entry and management task to reliable service providers.

How outsourcing data Entry services is beneficial?

Outsourcing helps multifold. First, it gives you access to a large talent pool without worrying for hiring and management which is a big plus in itself. Second, it gives you services at much less rates bringing your operational costs down by a big margin. Outsourcing destinations like India offers great talent and work at much lower cost than Europe and USA. The reason lies in the economic status and value of currency. So, with that, it becomes a proper destination for outsourcing. the Talent found in India in IT sector is unparalleled to any other developing nation. Hence it is always smart to hire a team working for you at such places at a reduced price. Moreover, you outsource the process so you dont need any infra cost and HR costs to incur rather you will pay for the services and these will be taken care of on your behalf by the outsourcing company.

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What all is included in data entry ?

Ecommerce data Entry : Ecommerce data entry includes entering the product data from various paper catalog or online sources to the online platforms. It includes entering the images, attributes etc and making the product listing look good on the site. Based on number of ecommerce platforms, your work may be categorized in any store like:

The list is more and entering products into an online stores product database is a time consuming process and it is always to outsource such tasks to reliable outsourcing services providers for better results.

Non Ecommerce data entry services :

It includes a wide range of data entry services based on the industry like

  1. Accounting data entry services
  2. PDF to Excel data entry services
  3. Medical Records data Entry services

To sum up, outsourcing data entry services can prove to be an asset for your business as it allows you to kick off in a less budget and helps you find a team that works for you at other location.

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