How To effectively Manage OpenCart Product Upload/Listing Services

How To effectively Manage OpenCart Product Upload/Listing Services

March 6, 2020 Manish

Open cart has been on the rise as it fulfills customized requirements of e-commerce stores which are not met by other carts. Its ease of use, comprehensive features and SEO friendly nature along with lower rates makes it preferred for a large number of online store owners globally.

Managing open cart product listings services, and content still remains a formidable challenge for store owners. As it is a specific task which requires thorough knowledge of open cart software and also about the niche you have. The task of populating your online store is the most important one as your product listings are the only thing that decides the value of of your company. A good open cart listing with comprehensive details and well managed attributes along with proper categorization, makes the life of a customer easy and he tends to get attracted to your brand if he find all information at one place. On the contrary, a listing which is not well managed, finds it difficult to improve its customer base. Therefore, it is very inevitable for business owners to get expert’s help in not only listing their products but also in optimizing products. This would ensure that you get result oriented services. For persons having hundreds of products, it becomes very challenging to manage complete product database for your online store. One, it needs enormous time and dedicated resources to perform it. Second, it costs you more in terms of infrastructure and salary. Third, it makes you engaged in this task depriving you of full focus on your core business. That why it is recommended for e-commerce business owners globally to outsource the product database management tasks to reliable services providers. This will save your valuable time and money. As outsourcing is cheap and you can get dedicated persons at a far more reasonable price, it would save more than 55% of your operational cost. In addition, all the hassle of hiring and managing your employee is not yours now as you simply can sit back and enjoy the daily work report and share your feedback. A team sitting at remote location would do the work for you at most cost effective way. Moreover, you get an experienced team to handle your e-commerce work. Finding a reliable and long term outsourcing team is an asset for your business as it helps you multifold.

Once you set up your open store, the first challenge is to populate it with all your products in an efficient way. Here are the things you need to consider for setting up right products in your database.

OpenCart Manual Product Upload:

Products are called the “bread and butter” of any e-commerce store, all product information (such as product name, model, quantity, price, image, SKU/UPC, etc.) need to be precisely entered.

Open Cart Bulk Product Upload:

You may also need to upload multiple products to your site at one go as well. This includes CSV product import, which allows the capability to upload products in “bulk” via CSV.

Updating Products: You would need to constantly update the products in order to match up with the market. You might need to vary prices and other information regularly.

Category Management:

The categories need to chosen precisely and not doing so directly effects your sales. Creating right categories and sub categories makes your database more streamlined and use friendly.

Product Attributes: You need to set up, manage and define all attributes for your products such as color, shape, size, SKU, style, additional cost, etc.

Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions should not be copied and should be crisp and to-the-point which leave a good taste in the mouth for online browsers/shoppers. You need to research and put unique product descriptions. The product descriptions should focus on two aspects : SEO and Customer taste.

Product Image Upload/Editing

Your product images need to be better. Therefore, you would need to edit/resize and enhance your product photos. You also need to optimize them. Also, you may be needed to upload many photos of the same product to get the best results.

Open Cart SEO Friendly URLs

You need to define SEO friendly URL’s for your product pages and you also need to define SEO keywords and titles for all product pages in order to rank your open car site.

Order Processing Management

You also need to manage your orders effectively for client satisfaction and brand value.

Open Cart Inventory Management

Inventory management is crucial to your eCommerce business and you need to manage it for better results.

You need to take care of all the mentioned points to manage your open cart products in effective manner.

In addition, you need to pay a focus on how to manage your open cart product promotion and SEO. For that, if you follow a well devised strategy and hire a good team, then you will get wonderful results and would surely improve your sales successfully.

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