eBay Product listing Process – What you must know!

eBay Product listing Process – What you must know!

August 23, 2019 Manish

International Marketplaces like eBay is a game changer in the eCommerce world. The fact that is has over 3 million visitors on a given day, shows the importance of having your listings on eBay. You get a wide range of customer visiting eBay there by your presence on eBay make it possible to sell your products to more potential customers than selling through your own store. A large number of merchants are already successfully running their e-commerce stores on eBay and generating a handsome income for themselves. Having said that, eBay product listing services is not a cake walk and it presents a formidable challenge to the entrepreneurs. This is a necessary evil that has to be dealt with. Businesses face a humongous task in managing and maintaining their product database on eBay. As the product database increases, it becomes more and more difficult to handle volumes of data in accurate manner.


Maybe you are already have a store at eBay or you might be on the way to launch your store soon on eBay. In any case, you will have to deal with this issue of managing your product catalog efficiently. Because if the catalog is not managed properly, you cannot improve sales. Many people take the experts help in managing this task and saves themselves money and time. So before we move ahead keep this in mind that eBay product listing is not that simple task as it might seem. It requires your attention and proper optimization in regular interval of times for best results along with some level of expertise in product data management on eBay. Presenting below is a list of some points you should pay heed to for better results.

Research the Products:

This itself is a humongous subject and a critical aspect of study before planning further, product research is the most vital section of the game before listing your products on eBay. You get to know the competition and the demand of a product that will result in providing you with the best products to sell which have a relatively low competition and high demand. On the contrary, if you don’t go for systematic research and just list items that you want to add, then it might give you a loss or lesser profit. Therefore, the products should be researched and studies carefully before putting your efforts on eBay selling.

Price Research of the Products:

Again the very important step is to research for competitor price and put your prices accordingly so that you get stabilized in selling.  After doing the research part for the product now it’s time to research the prices of those products as competitive prices will ensure higher success. You should choose a price option for your product in such a manner that it offers the customers the value for money and you are also not rejected by people for over costing. Hence you need to do competitor price monitoring.

Image editing and optimization:

A customer visiting your products online has only one thing to see the product, That is the image of the product. Hence, better product images mean better conversions. You should always ensure that your product images are high resolution, optimized correctly and enhanced as per the standards to improve the visitors experience give him/her a real experience of the product virtually through the images. Images which are blur and non-optimized certainly lead to a loss in sales. Therefore product image optimization becomes an inevitable task. You must focus on having right and proper size of the picture by cutting/cropping them and compressing high quality images to make them load faster. These perfectly optimized images will help you sell more and more on eBay.

Writing Description of the Products:

Content is second big thing along with product images and the description should talk to the customer so as to provide him/her with the questions one has in mind before purchasing. Multiple sellers sell the same product many times and hence the difference in sales can be attributed to quality product descriptions that entice the customer to purchase from you. Writing a unique, crisp and attractive description of a product becomes very crucial to stands out your product from your peers. Product description should give a clear idea about the product, should be very descriptive and written in a manner so as to reveal all the nice features of the product with no copied content.

Proper Inventory Management:

Once you do the above steps well, you should be able to manage the stocks properly so that you don’t mess up with the orders. Inventory management is to be taken with attention because you need to keep a track of availability of your products. Not keeping track might cause wrong orders and it might cause bad reputation there by decrease the sales.

Let Aumtec Solutions manage your eBay product listings

It is clear by now that a proper product listing on marketplaces like eBay can make a difference between a good seller and a bad seller. We at Aumtec Solutions have been providing eBay product listing and data management services to clients across the globe for more than a decade. You can simply keep headache out and provide us the task of uploading your products on eBay to have better sales.  Our team at Aumtec Solutions know how to deal with eBay product listing complications and how to properly manage your eBay store including eBay product catalog management and eBay product data entry services. We also offer free sample to our clients before committing to any business. The sample run will be free of cost and free of obligation. Aumtec will help you manage the humongous task and help you sell more. For more information and getting started with our eBay product listing services, mail to us at manish@aumtecsoutions.com.

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