Handled Image Editing and Enhancement Requirements for a Reputed Photography Agency

Handled Image Editing and Enhancement Requirements for a Reputed Photography Agency

April 05 2022 Manish

Client Introduction

The client is an independent and reputed photography agency located in New York. They provide their services for various photography requirements and multiple industries such as fashion, health, wellness, beauty, wedding, food, real estate, and much more. The firm offers individual photo shoots based on the requirements as well as videography and video editing. The client has good connections to famous photographers to take on some special projects. The firm has a team of talented photographers itself to perform their duties.

Project Requirements

The agency’s main source of customers were professional photographers. The client was receiving bulk orders regarding image editing, image cut-out, image enhancement, and other various image editing projects. It was a challenge for them to be focused on these projects because the company’s in house team had already big projects going on due to fashion week in New York. But, the inability to fulfill customer needs could jeopardize their client base and affect their reputation as a professional agency. Therefore, the client was looking for a reliable photo editing services who could match their world-class quality standards, possess advanced technology, and provide fast deliveries. Aumtec Solutions seemed to be the best match for their requirements. Therefore, they landed their trust upon us. Their requirements include editing raw images, background removal, image enhancement, photo cut-out, image masking, resizing and so much more. Overall turning their basic images into HD high quality images.

Observed Difficulties

There weren’t many of challenges for us to defeat when it came to editing images. But, matching the quality standards of an extremely successful photography agency was definitely the toughest part of the job. But Aumtec Solutions has always outdone itself when it comes to performance and we believe to continue levelling up our perfection. Though, the client had some specific requirements where we faced some challenges that are listed below.

  • Receiving bulk of images from different genres like fashion, food, wedding, Jewellery etc. editing maximum 600 images daily.
  • Searching for professional image editors in related genres and ensuring their work quality.
  • Assigning the best team of photo editing professionals and managing their work by double checking every details.
  • Managing 12-hour delivery, spam.
  • Delivering error-free work.

Processed Solutions

Aumtec Solutions possesses 7 years of experience in the field of image editing. We deeply analysed client’s requirements and mapped a smart strategy.Fortunately, Aumtec has a team which are highly ambitious and enthusiastic. They were willing to fulfil this challenge in the demanded time schedule.

Some of the deep insights to provided solutions are listed below.

  • Observing the critical task and amount of work, Aumtec assigned a team of 8 expert perfectionists of our team to perform this duty.
  • We provided 24-hour fast support system. Our project manager was available constantly throughout the project process to answer quickly to client queries and requirements so that all the changes get implemented right after it.
  • Streamlined double-check process on two levels. One by our dedicated team of quality-check itself and second by the project manager to avoid any type of errors and ensure various quality standards like reference images and specific requirements.
  • To ensure that we deliver highest level of quality standards and for our team to perform best in less time of spam. Therefore, we acquired advanced technology and latest software, applications, and image editing tools to keep global level outcome.
  • There were some bland jewellery images sent to us. Our team ensured to completely turn around the image quality into HD images. We corrected their colours, contractions, white balance, added sceneries in incomplete images like sky backgrounds, adding objects, adding background in object images like water in bathtubs and buckets, fire at fire place, picture in TV screens, changing views from the window, adding grass on the field and many different types of corrections done by our team.

Desired Outcomes

The client was more than satisfied with our performance. Our excellent well planned strategy and right implementation of decisions has helped the client to focus on their core activities during hectic schedule for New York fashion week. We delivered the desired outcomes on time regularly with our immense hard work and 24-hour work support. Hence, their customer base and reputation was saved from being compromised. The best part is that the client decided to associate with us for the long-term projects and came along with yet. Some of the remarkable goals that client achieved with our services are listed down below.

  • The client saved huge amount of employ, infrastructure money and by outsourcing their work to Aumtec. They were able to save extra time and utilize it in the right direction by focusing on their core responsibilities.
  • The organization was able to achieve their desired outcome with our swift project delivery under 12 hours.
  • As the images belonged from different genres and editing them required different editing field experts, we made sure to exceed our abilities and sharpen our skills to match client’s requirements. We carefully edited each image and it turned out to be loved by our client. Our extra efforts and hard work was appreciated by our client.

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