Managed Scattered Invoice Data Records and Performed 100% Proficient Invoice Data Process

Managed Scattered Invoice Data Records and Performed 100% Proficient Invoice Data Process

April 5 2022 Manish

About the Client

The client is a Texas-based service provider and delivers its services around the Texas and nearby areas. Striving in the business for the past nineteen years, the company has been providing a vast variety of services including house-keeping, security, engineering, and pay roll services. The organization has a huge infrastructure and customer base with 7,000 plus active service buyers that enabled a huge volume of data. Thus, they also had huge volume of unattained data that needed to be processed. The company has helped thousands of customers overcome daily hurdles through their house-keeping and other services and has gained quite a strong reputation as a convenient service provider.

Client Requirements

The fast pace of success conditioned the company to end up with enormous amounts of unattained data that took an even larger amount of time, energy and work force. The client was very specific with their requirements. To solve these critical issues, the client wanted us to inspect every invoice in detail and enter their raw distress data from images and pdfs to be processed and entered accurately on goggle sheets. Their Invoice Data Process requirement was a tough task as they had data from the past five years that needed to be entered accurately and updated in safe record files.

Challenges Faced

The first challenge was to look into the invoices data from past five years and uploading scanned images of related cheques as there was a pile of invoices to verify. Also analyse the details of bank accounts, people, issued cheques and compare cheque amounts. Another challenge was to maintain a 24-hour time delivery. As a leading outsourcing firm we customize our services based on the client’s needs. Though it was a challenge, in this case as it was taking twice the time and work force to accurately enter details. The client required a dedicated team to work in remote shifts and to provide constant support system for the delicate data matters.

Solution Provided

We deeply understood client’s criteria and project necessities. Observing the critical parts of the project, we allocated the best of the best senior experts of our team specialised for invoice data entry. After establishing an understanding ground for occurring problems, our team came up with a great winning strategy to strictly follow in order to achieve the most amount of goals in the least amount of time. Thereafter, our team implied our best work force. We deeply analysed the invoice data and to maintain the highest standards of accuracy level we compared the prices one by one manually in the records. Then, we moved ahead with entering every single detail in the required software and google sheets. In addition to our services we worked on their active invoices as well to provide exquisite experience. As a result, our client was able to leverage many benefits with well-managed data.

  • Clean data records for smooth operations
  • No repeated entries
  • On time daily Invoice data processing
  • Easily accessible critical data information
  • Better Security

About Aumtec Solutions

Aumtec Solutions ran extra security checks to maintain high protection of confidential data. We accessed client’s ERP systems with a safe VPN gateway. We worked continually on 24 hour shifts and managed to deliver the final outcome before the deadlines and put extra manpower to match their service level agreement.
To make this experience even more convenient for our client, we were constantly available for the crystal clear communication and streamlined the changes and suggestions on daily basis instructed by our client.

About us

Aumtec Solutions is your one stop solution! We can help you through your stressful condition because we work at a personal level with our clients to get to the root of their issues and get the best results out of it. If you want the same type of services you can easily reach out to us at manish@aumtecsolutions.comsend us an enquiry and our team will get back to you

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Managed Scattered Invoice Data Records and Performed 100% Proficient Invoice Data Process

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