Top 5 Apps On Shopify To Grow Your Online Business

Top 5 Apps On Shopify To Grow Your Online Business

January 7, 2022 Dimple

Shopify platform is popular for its amazing features to use for online businesses. There are whole different aspects to be monitored while running an e-commerce store and a lot more to look out for. Like marketing, managing Shopify product data entry services, reliable shipment, safe checkouts, speed analysis. It's a quick and easy option for e-commerce stores. Along with the features it has a range of apps to help the users of Shopify add extra elements to their web store as well as make it more approachable to the customers. It helps merchants to manage their stores and make their components smoother. There were approximately over 500 plus stores in 2021 on Shopify. Merchants from all around the world by the count of 175 countries are overseeing their businesses. Choosing the right apps is a hard decision to make. We have put together a list of 5 Shopify apps that you must consider.

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  1. Dropified
  2. This particular app is for shipping and dropping services. This is mainly used by merchants who want to sell their goods online. This app manages their packaging as well as supplying. There is a similar app on Shopify called Oberlo delivering the same features. This platform already gives you 14 days trial. It is good to test the app before actually using it. One of the cons of it would be that it requires a paid subscription. Still, it is a great option to take a lot of loads off your head and to peacefully operate your business.

  3. OptinMonster
  4. Optinmonster is software to generate leads, used in marketing, blogging, small businesses, and e-commerce websites. If you are planning to boost your marketing strategy on Shopify, then optinmonster is the way for you. It makes your work easier by listing emails, improvise your website and expand your overall sales. It also comes with free templates to use and make a campaign. Many business owners take advantage of that creating a flash sale. It is possible to create a flash sale campaign on Optinmoster in minutes, allowing you to make some of the striking campaigns. Some of the key features of optinmonster in short that you use:

    1. Creating pop-ups
    2. Creating sticky floating bars
    3. Countdown clock
    4. Targeting display rules
    5. Record customer details

  5. TrustPulse
  6. Trustpulse is a marketing platform to build trust between brand and customer. It helps converting the visitors of your website to buyers. With the help of Trustpulse you can improve your sales up to 15% as well as create more traffic. Trustpulse is also launched by the team of OptinMonster. One of the best features of Trustpulse is showcasing real-time action pop-ups by the customers along with the numbers. This establishes trust with your potential customers while surfing website. You can add registrations of purchase, demo registrations, signup for newsletters and so much more. It targets the right audience on the right time to show the notifications of your social proof. Trustpulse allows you to customize your notification pop-ups, messages, change the colors and images. you can create authentic themes for your website that matches your brand. Trustpulse is easy to use takes less time in setting up and works on any website

  7. PushEngage
  8. PushEngage is the easiest and high powered tool for push notifications in the market. It helps you preserve your potential customers from leaving your website after surfing and engage better with audience. More than 10,000 plus successful firms have taken the advantages of this tool from the beginning. Now that web push notification has evolved to become one of the best sources to create traffic, this platform can prove to be a great help to increase your sales. PushEngage is the easiest platform to get on for web page beginners that does everything you acquire.

  9. Constant Contact
  10. E-mail marketing plays an important role in a business's digital strategy. It is highly used to promote one's brand, services and establish a trustworthy bond between the customer and the seller. Constant contact is a leading email marketing platform in the market. It is a great help for small businesses as it offers a vast range of tools to grow their online presence and maintain it professionally. You can use it to send bulk emails for a flash sale. If you already have a list of emails, it is a better way to let your subscribers know about your flash sale. Constant contact allows you to send automated bulk mails. It allows you to access the purchase history of your Shopify customer. With the help of this you can customize your email campaigns for your customers.

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