OsCommerce Data Enrty Services

Being an ecommerce store owner or planning to open one, you must have heard about OS commerce. OsCommerce stands for “open source Commerce”. This is e-commerce and online store management software program used by ecommerce retailer worldwide for creating their e-stores. OsCommerce data entry services are the most sought out for ecommerce retailers.

OsCommerce has some advantages over others. It offers the user, features like Category and Product Management, Multilingual Support, Multi Currency Support, Order Management, Multiple Billing And Shipping address, Newsletter feature, Quick and advanced search feature, Product review, Shipping functionality, Payment Process and Services, Tax management, Secure gateway for online transactions etc. Having started its journey in the year 2000, OS commerce continues to enjoy a wide support from global e-commerce business who prefers this platform over others for the obvious reasons.

OsCommerce provides you to add unlimited product categories and subcategories. And it also enables users to easily add, edit, remove products, categories, manufacturers, customers and reviews. It uses an indexed database so it can easily handle a huge number of products for your business which makes it a great choice for big retailers who have huge volumes of products.

OsCommerce Challenges:

If you own your OsCommerce store, the biggest challenge you face is how to manage the product upload services for your OS commerce store. It is the task that takes a lot of time along with some expertise to put your products correctly and categorize them accurately so that your store actually becomes a one stop base for your clients. The better the product catalog is managed, the better the store sells. This is a known fact. That’s why companies  across the globe are spending their time and money on creating an attractive store and populating it with their product info correctly. This is where the challenge comes. It looks an easy task but it is humongous task which takes a lot of patience and time to enter the product data. Doing it in-house costs the companies a huge amount of time and money along with other infrastructure costs by hiring extra persons. Second, the hired persons may not be expert in data management and you risk losing business due to lack of expertise. This is why is has been globally accepted that it is far better to outsource the product data entry task to save infrastructure costs and also to get the expert’s help. That way, you will be able to beat your peers by accurate and fast work. Also, it will save your precious time which you can utilize for core business areas. Hence, it helps you multi-fold, in growing your business.

Get going with Aumtec Solutions:

Aumtec is your one stop solution for all ecommerce needs. Get in touch with us now for quality OsCommerce product upload services. We  assist you with uploading your product data efficiently and without errors. With a client base of more than 500 across 6+ countries, Aumtec boasts of offering the best data entry services for your business. Our ecommerce data experts not only enter the products but ensure the details are entered accurately, ensure correct categorization, adding meta tags and including optimized product descriptions along with competitive prices for your store so that you can bet your peers.

As a part of our OsCommerce Product Upload Services we do the following:

Add and update all your special offers’ and discounts’ data. We can, if required, also capture special offers’ and price data from your competitors’ websites and do price comparison for you. Whenever feasible, we can bulk upload your product data to save time.

As part of our quality OsCommerce product entry services, we ensure that all your products are placed in the right category or sub-category. Besides, we would also prevent your product categories from getting too bulky in size.

We enter details like product name, product type, product price, brand, manufacturer’s identity, SKUs, etc., with utmost accuracy. Whenever needed, our professionals also update product prices and product stock as well.

We also enhance your product images. Attractive product images help a long way in improving your eStore’s conversion rates.

Aumtec Solutions has rich experience in OsCommerce Product Data Entry and provides the best value for your money.

The professionals at Aumtec Solutions have a thorough knowledge of the OsCommerce platform. Being very skilled in the use of back end database tools, we can handle and process huge volumes of product data with ease.

We perform OsCommerce Product Upload Services at the most competitive rates.

We  offer OsCommerce Bulk Product Upload to populate your eCommerce store with bulk products along with informative and engaging descriptions, customized attributes, up-to-date prices, great product images, etc.

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