Aumtec Solutions, is your trusted BPO partner for best in class data entry services. Did you ever wonder how much time and money you invest to manage and classify your business data? Is it not alluring to find an outsourcing partner doing tons of data entry work for you in less cost? According to latest surveys, an average business has to shell out somewhere between $5000 to $8000* a month on data processing and management staff. This excludes the infrastructure and technology cost which makes the figure very high in addition to the time spent on these non core activities. As the saying goes ” Time is Money”. So if we just ignore the amount spent, then also it is beneficial to outsource the data entry and management tasks in order to save quality time for your core business operations. Businesses worldwide have approved the idea over the years and more and more businesses are outsourcing their data entry needs to offshore BPO companies to save enormous time and money.

Complete Suite of Data Entry Services Under One Roof

Aumtec Solutions provides a wide spectrum of data entry and data input services to varied client base, from across the globe helping them extract accurate data from a multitude of sources like online applications, websites, scanned images, PDF, invoices, forms, questionnaires, etc., and manually enter the details in client’s server, database or any particular file format.

Combining our rich experience and untiring commitment to deliver excellence, with a focus on efficiency, we meticulously enter appropriate details in relevant fields and ensure error-free output. Our data entry professional have the expertise to capture data from handwritten or printed documents and precisely entering details in a variety of file formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, CRM/ ERP software, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase, Informix, MySQL databases, etc.

We focus on accuracy and have a quality check team in place to ensure correct data

Outsource Data Entry to Aumtec Solutions and Stay in Complete Control of Your Data

As part of our data input services, our data experts follow double keying method to deliver consistent and accurate data to our clients. Our data team works in close collaboration with you which means you can communicate, collaborate and prioritize work as per your own convenience. This working relationship keeps you in complete control of your data entry process and removes any chance of ambiguity.

Online Data Entry Services

To help you manage and keep your ERP and CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, vTiger, SAP, Oracle, web servers, Aumtec Solutions delivers reliable online data entry services in most efficient and cost effective manner.

Data Entry from Printed/Handwritten Documents

Aumtec Solutions can help you digitize your printed/ handwritten documents. Our data professionals can efficiently extract required details from files like invoices, journals, magazines, resumes, scanned forms, manuscripts, vouchers, etc., and accurately feed them in a file format of your choice.

Offline Data Entry Services

Our team is adept at offline data entry from a wide variety of source documents and scanned images. Our data entry operators make sure that data is entered precisely and deliver the output in multiple formats including CSV, MS Excel, Access, or a customized database.

Image Data Entry Services

With our quality image data entry services, Aumtec would help you gain the most out poor resolution, or misfiled images. Our Image data entry experts can accurately extract details from a variety of image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF, etc. and enter them in a required format.

Catalog Data Entry Services

Our qualified team at Aumtec Solutions can capture the information from paper catalog or scanned catalog and enter it accurately in your store or prepare a CSV for the same. We can capture and key-in relevent details like SKUs, product titles, product descriptions, prices, shipping details, tax-related information, product attributes, etc.

Book Data Entry Services

Aumtec offers accurate book data entry services, supporting businesses in capturing relevant details from hardcopy, paperback or eBooks. Our data entry specialists make sure that the data is entered with accuracy.

Copy Paste Services

Aumtec has the right talent pool to process any volume of work with accuracy. We can process the information by copying and pasting from one format to another as needed.

Legal Documents Data Entry

Aumtec Solutions support law firms, legal professionals, businesses and agencies in extracting information from a variety of legal documents and keying it in online databases or a suitable file format. We can capture information from business documents, employment documents, housing documents, foreclosure documents, wills and trust deeds, leases, etc. We also maintain confidentiality of data and are open to sign a non disclosure agreement with our clients.

Invoice Data Entry

Aumtec Solutions offer quality invoice data entry services at affordable price. You get access to the data stored in your invoices like sales and transactions data entry, commercial invoice data entry, purchase order data entry, retail invoice data entry, tax invoice data entry, credit memo data entry, debit memo data entry, etc.,

Text & Numeric Data Entry

Our data entry specialists are adept at entering details like personal and company addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit and debit card information, billing details, etc. We focus on 100% accuracy while dealing with such works.

How Data Entry Professionals at Aumtec Can Help You?

Aumtec Solutions is a leading data entry outsourcing company, provding complete suit of data entry services at reasonable prices. Our motive is to serve with excellence. We focus on error free services and our team is motivated to offer best services to our clients. We have the bandwith to increae the team size for large projects. We believe in proper communication with the client to remove any chances of ambiguity. We have served diverse industry verticals such as academics, market research and direct marketing companies, non-profit organizations, real estate, legal, healthcare, tour and travel, etc.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry to Aumtec

Proven track record of serving diverse industry verticals with excellence

Superior quality and complete data security

Stringent quality control measures to achieve data accuracy

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) & Virtual Private Network (VPN) to exchange data and files

Flexible and scalable outsourcing model to suit your individual needs

24X7 customer support for instant resolutions of issues and queries

Dediacated Project Manager to discuss your project

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